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Why Divi Theme is the Most Awesome WordPress Theme


Sinoun Chea

What DIVI WordPress theme can do for you today is much more powerful than all other WordPress themes. The developers and team behind DIVI has come up with the finest solutions for all those people who want more flexibility, less coding and ease while they develop their websites for personal and business use.

How is DIVI distinct from other themes?

Yes, we have a lot of themes that present us with multiples of pre-built layouts for almost every kind of website that you would need to create, even a page builder, good support but DIVI is actually functional in an unimaginable way. It’s taking the lead in What You See Is What You Get.

Let’s look into what the team behind it got for us.

Developed by Elegant Themes:

Elegant Themes is a great platform to get your hands on powerful WordPress themes within a hundred bucks. They have a package of 86 themes with complete access only for $89. Among which, DIVI is the most featured theme.

Not only that, they have rich plugins that can do almost all the work for you, without ever having to code anything. Just play around on the front end and you are not just good, but great to go!

Powerful Visual Builder:

This is the first awesome part of DIVI. Remember WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)? DIVI is the future of that! Previously, themes did come up with page builders that even gave you the option to edit things while you saw them but they were not as powerful and did not offer a lot of flexibility. With DIVI, you can change anything.

Draggable widths to fit all of your design needs:

With DIVI, you have complete control on your end to adjust the elements according to what you need for your website. Adjust the height and width to ANY dimension by the powerful visual builder, set the padding and margins right, there and then.

In-line editing – the change in text is literally a click away:

This cool feature let’s you make changes in your text right away, as you click on it. Highlight part of the text which needs a change in font, color, alignment, etc. There is no need for you to get a few windows open and then seeing the change in another preview window, thereafter, finally updating the change.

User Interface is Customizable:

Where other WordPress themes have fixed placement for website elements, DIVI is doing a far better job by allowing next level customization of the UI. Place any element at any position on your page and make website building an exemplary easy process for those who are not born to code.

Insanely fast DIVI Page Builder:

Real time editing is provided but at the same time, Elegant Themes development team made sure that the performance or speed is not compromised. They understand how crucial response time is and how annoying it gets even if it is slower for a few nanoseconds. As you make changes in real time, it does not take too long for the settings to refresh.

DIVI WordPress theme is a complete package

Shipped with 20+ layouts, DIVI becomes a solution for many organizations who want to take a kickass start. It’s just one theme which can be utilized for multiple purposes and that too with a free trial. Elegant Themes has come up with a package of lifetime access to all its themes, plugins, support and update just for $249. DIVI, amongst them is the most powerful one – and latest too! On yearly basis, they give access to themes and plugins at a price of $89.

Performance tracking using smart split testing

DIVI leads smart split testing and brings performance stats in front of the users owning the website so that they can get a better knowledge of which version of the website is getting a better conversion rate. Conversion rate is good to learn about to help your business grow. A good website is the one that is able to convert visitors best. Once you get the insight of which landing page is converting visitors, you will be smart enough to take lead in this competitive market.

As we have mentioned earlier, DIVI is truly the future of What You See Is What You Get! Building websites has indeed been simpler with a lot of site building drag and drop platforms. However today, it has gotten not just simpler but powerful and flexible than ever.

If you take a step today of using Divi WordPress theme, it will be an investment that will surely pay off right away. Are you ready to build the next big thing?

Let us know how we can help by contacting us!

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