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wordpress-vs-weeblyThinking of building a website with WordPress or Weebly? Doing research on both of these content management systems will help you with your decision on which one to choose. You can create a simple and secure website with both platforms. They both share quality customer support, but it all boils down to which one will be able to fit your needs. Weebly was built with non developers in mind, and WordPress provides limitless customization.

The popularity of WordPress

Over the years, WordPress has gained a huge following and is still converting users to its incomparable blogging tool and impressive content management system. Many big companies and websites use WordPress for their businesses. It is completely open source, and a great tool to use for monetization. It’s ease of use, and its abundance of plug-ins makes it the platform of choice.

Weebly, the famous drag and drop

Weebly is a widget based content management system. Weebly is a simple system because it incorporates a great deal of drag and drop features. Anything from picture galleries to paragraph placement is drag and drop. It is free to use, and it appeals to the non-tech types. You may be able to create a website within a couple of hours using this CMS.

Set Up

To setup a Weebly website all you would need to do is sign up and create a username and password. Once you are done with that you can create a sub domain for your website like www.yourdomain.weebly.com. One downfall of this is that you would have to obviously include Weebly into your domain name, which is not as professional as your website name set as the primary domain. This is usually the default unless you purchase Weebly Pro. WordPress setup and installation is about a five minute process, which is not long at all. Clicking on the WordPress icon in the control panel of your chosen web host is about all it takes. You have no sub domains to bother with, or packages to purchase. Your website name will be the primary domain, and you will have access to all of the unique features of WordPress.


If you choose to go with WordPress you’re looking at endless amounts of customization. You have the option of choosing many different themes. The variety of themes is out there from simple static templates to a more e-commerce framework, which is the beauty of WordPress. Weebly is not as flexible as WordPress. Of course they provide a variety of themes but sometimes you may be limited to the way you want your website to work. The amount of themes and plug-ins that WordPress provides versus the all inclusive Weebly is really no contest. If you want flexibility, there is no other answer than WordPress.


Weebly has a simple interface where everything is pretty much drag and drop. WordPress does not include many drag and drop features, however, you have total control on customization from endless amounts of plug-ins and themes. If you are looking to use your website for monetization, Google Adsense is usually a great tool to add to your site. Weebly and WordPress both make it possible to add Adsense to your website. However, with Weebly, you only get to keep half of the percentage you make off Google Adsense unless you sign up for their merchant account. With WordPress, you do not have to worry about signing up for a merchant account or only keeping half of your profits. The plug-ins in WordPress makes this possible.

What do you think? Do you have experience with Weebly or WordPress you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Hi Sinoun,

    Weebly’s Adsense revenue sharing policy was updated in late December. Users now get 100% of AdSense revenue.

    Just wanted to share the update!

  2. This is not an ideal comparison. Here Weebly is a service which includes hosting (we do not need a webhost), is compared to WordPress software, which needs a credible webhost to host the website. The true comparison would be between Weebly.com and WordPress.com (both are service which includes hosting. Both can be free hosted on subdomains only)

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