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We are looking for a part-time Marketing Assistant to work alongside the ShiftWeb team.

Deadline to apply: February 23, 2024

Website Project Manager Job Opportunity


ShiftWeb is a boutique, woman-owned web design and SEO company based in Atlanta, GA. We are looking for a remote, part-time Marketing Assistant to help with various administrative tasks for various web design, SEO, and marketing projects. ShiftWeb’s mission is to help small businesses Do Better Online®. We want to make a positive impact and help small businesses thrive.

Created by Sinoun in February 2011, ShiftWeb continues to grow every year and now we’re looking for a part time Marketing Assistant to join our team and support the CEO. Please check out the About page and if you connect with ShiftWeb’s mission, voice, and style – please apply!


This is a part-time opportunity to begin. You will be a 1099 contractor with varying hours (20-30 hours a week). Hours can increase down the road if all goes well. We are looking for a long-term pereson who will work closely with the CEO to take ShiftWeb to the next level. The future is bright, and we are excited to find the right person to join the team!

Your schedule can be flexible, but we expect that you will be available to handle requests in a timely manner.

This is a remote position.

Pay is $XX an hour to start.  The rate will increase generously every year! There will be opportunities for growth if we find the right fit.


The role of our Marketing Assistant:

  • Assist with various marketing and SEO tasks
  • Have a good eye for design and be able to make sound judgements for website improvements
  • Take initiative in making marketing suggestions for projects as needed
  • Coordinate with copywriters to get content for various websites (big plus if you can write content!)
  • Proofreading and content editing to make sure content is SEO optimized and is ready to publish
  • Be able to make simple requested updates to existing websites (add new blog posts, make content revisions, new page creation, etc.)
  • Work directly with clients, designers, developers, and server admin to delegate, solve technical problems, and assist in project development
  • Work on various, simple website and administrative tasks, such as managing updates, adding sites to Google Analytics, Google Search Console, etc.


Affinity for Marketing & SEO:
Being open and curious to learn more about marketing is a must. While we will train you on the exact tasks that need to be done, you will be required to eventually take the lead. Your understanding of marketing and SEO is important for organization growth and success.

Affinity for Technology:
We’re looking for someone who is tech-savvy and will not be intimidated by learning new technology. Do you have experience with AI tools? Are you eager to dig deeper and want to learn more about AI? Have you ever used WordPress + Elementor? MailChimp? cPanel? Google Search Console? While experience with any of these is a huge plus, it is not required because we are willing to train!

Administrative Skills:
Are you savvy with administrative tasks? Are you highly organized? You don’t mind tedious, but important tasks that require great attention to detail? Being able to manage administrative tasks is a must.

Quality Communication:
You must be an excellent communicator, in both written and oral form. This includes proficiency in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. As a marketing assistant, being able to proofread and edit content is essential. You will also be working directly with clients, designers, and developers to delegate, solve technical problems, provide customer support, and assist in project development.


Efficient & Organized:
Is organization your thing? Great! Being organized will allow you to work more efficiently and get more done.

As a marketing assistant, you’ll have to review your work and the work of the team from time to time so we can present excellence to clients. Staying sharp and being thorough with projects is must. If you are reading this and plan to apply, please tell me your favorite food in the last text box in the application. Those who read this and follow these simple directions will win extra points! 🙂

Being proactive means thinking about the future, planning, and preparing for what lies ahead. Rather than wait for someone to tell you exactly what is needed, you anticipate the expected and take action.

Eager To Learn & Grow:
If you are someone that loves to learn and you see the importance of embracing opportunities for growth, you’ll fit right in. The world of web design and marketing is always changing, so we have to continue to evolve with the industry and keep an open mind.


Experience: 2+ years with WordPress or 2+ years as an admin/marketing assistant is preferred but not required
Personality: Curious, committed, trustworthy, can-do attitude, takes initiative, passionate, collaborative, creative, values self-improvement
Availability: 20-30 hours a week consistently
Certifications: APA (Awesome Person Award)*
Job Type: Part Time, 1099

*We made this up, but if you’re self-proclaimed in awesomeness, we would love to hear from you.

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