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Think about it. How do you feel when someone tells you a good story?

Do you get bored or tired quickly? We guess not. You know why? Because stories make you pay attention, and we humans are wired for stories.

In fact, science has proven this. Studies show that stories lighten up more brain areas than when we hear information. Storytelling can create connections in a way that is impossible by just merely telling facts. Without a doubt, If a business can get storytelling right, they have a massive advantage over the competition.

The StoryBrand framework is a 7step formula that drills into a great story’s fundamental elements and can be utilized in a brand’s marketing communications. The StoryBrand framework, asides from the advantage of connecting with your customer that it gives, is also designed to make your customers see themselves as the “Hero” in your story.

Here’s the StoryBrand framework by Donald Miller in all its glory.

  1. A Character – The framework starts by identifying a character (the “hero” of your story), in this case, your customers.
  2. A Problem – Your character (customer) has a problem that needs to be solved.
  3. A Guide – Since your customers are the hero, what great hero would there be without a guide? This is where your business comes in. Think Mr. Miyagi of Karate kid.
  4. A Plan  – As their guide, your customers are looking up to you for a plan for solving their problem. It should be given to them!
  5. A Call to Action – Now that they have a plan, they should be nudged to take action.
  6. Avoid failure – Essentially, you want to remind them to avoid disappointment, which is the consequence of not doing business with you.
  7. Ends in Success – The critical part of every story is an excellent and triumphant ending. Your customers should be shown how you can help them live happily ever after.

Most successful brands intuitively base their marketing messages upon this framework. Think of brands like Apple, Coke, Dove, Patagonia, etc.

By telling a story, you not only have signed on your side to create a connection with your customer, but your customer may see themselves in your story.

See that? Powerful, isn’t it? We wouldn’t be exaggerating if we said selling sand at the beach could be possible with the StoryBrand framework.

The essence of the StoryBrand BrandScript is to flesh out the framework for your business’ story. The StoryBrand framework, as the name implies, is still a frame, a skeleton. For it to be whole, it has to be filled with information as it relates to your business.

Basically, the StoryBrand BrandScript aims to convert the framework into a script that applies to your business needs. A StoryBrand BrandScript is then the visual and fleshed-out representation of the StoryBrand Framework as it relates uniquely to your business. It takes the 7 step process of the framework and then begins to define its various components one by one as it applies to your business.

The result is a single page of your brand’s narrative that will be transformed into a simple, straightforward, and compelling message that you’ll use to grow your business.

The StoryBrand concept averts the usual approach that underperforming brands apply in their marketing communications, which is by talking about themselves. This time around, the concept shifts focus away from the brand and focuses attention on the customer. Essentially, making your customers the hero of the story you’re telling.

Whatever marketing approach you adopt, your customers would go through a journey; this framework highlights them as the hero of this journey, instead of the business, but rather positions your company as the guide.

As you see, the StoryBrand framework’s goal is to place the customer above your business essentially. And a brand that focuses on its customer is a brand that survives. You see, we know it’s hard, it’s hard not being the center of attention. It’s hard not being seen as the hero. Of course, who wouldn’t want to be the “Superman” in a story? But the truth is, making yourself the hero in your story is bad for business growth. Indeed, It is. And this is where the concept of StoryBrand applies to your marketing.

Rather than being the hero in the story, you’re crafting a story where you position yourself as the guide (one with expertise, experience, authority) that provides the hero (your customer) with tools, wisdom, information (your product, services) that helps them defeat a villain (challenge, problem, frustration), and thereby live happily ever after (continued business with you).

This framework is the formula that most prominent brands and companies know and intuitively utilize in their marketing message to create a horde of loyalists that would die for the brand. Well, maybe not die, but you get the point. 

Simply put, the StoryBrand content will help you grow your business. Perhaps before now, you’ve been experiencing high bounce rates on your websites, low conversion rates, slow sales, and slow business growth. In general, all these are the apparent effects of marketing messages that are either confusing or don’t connect with customers.

The StoryBrand has the potential to help you in the following two ways and beyond.

  • Improve connection with customers: Studies have shown that stories trigger our brains’ area responsible for releasing certain chemicals that induce empathy and connection because storytelling can connect with people in a way that is impossible by just merely telling facts. Think about it, who would you connect more with: A parent (a guide) that tells you a bedtime story or someone that tells you boring facts about a rather dull topic? Using the StoryBrand concept, you’re able to highlight your marketing message in a way that improves connection and strengthens the bond with your customers. At once, they know you’re the one for them.
  • Attain clarity with your brand communications: Your customers will fall in love with you for two reasons: “They connect with you” and “You have a solution to their problem.” But having a solution to your customer’s problem is only the first piece of the puzzle. The other half relies on how well you can clarify your message. Asides from having a solution to their problem, you need to articulate your value offering clearly. Confusing your customers is a sure way to chase them off. By being clear and straightforward in helping them, there’s a higher chance that they’ll do business with you.

Yes, if you want to save time and get it right the first time.

As a smart business owner, you should focus your time and efforts on where your strength lies. It would be best to hire talent to help you with other aspects of your business development while focusing on what you do best.

By hiring an experienced professional, you can fast track your business growth through a well-written marketing copy that resonates with your customer and drives business-desired actions.

Some business owners attempt to do it all. Aside from the stress that could impose on them, their growth process is usually slower, and they often begin to fall short in other critical areas of their business where their attention is required.

So, if you want to achieve positive results for your business and bottom line, then yes! You should.

Yes, absolutely. If you’re still not sold with the StoryBrand concept and perhaps would like to stick with the non-StoryBrand approach, then yes, we can help you craft your copy just the way you want it. Admittedly, StoryBrand is not a one-size-fits-all approach. You might have some specific requirements. If you feel your business approach goes beyond what the StoryBrand concept offers, then we’re flexible enough and here to help you.

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