Here are a bunch of free stuff I’m giving away! For the first two items (webcam covers and stickers), I’m happy to mail them to anyone. But for the rest, we’d have to meet in person in Midtown, Atlanta so I can hand them to you. This is also a great excuse to grab a coffee and chat! 🙂 Check this page again in the future as I plan to add new stuff every now and then.

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ShiftWeb Webcam Covers

I made these awesome webcam covers for ShiftWeb’s 12th Anniversary in February 2023. I still have a ton left so please let me share them with you. Stop using post-its to hide your cameras and use something sexier. (Pro-tip: You can use it on tablets, TV’s, phones, and more!)

ShiftWeb Sticker Sheet

I also made these high quality stickers for ShiftWeb’s 12th Anniversary in February 2023. They are fun and can be plastered anywhere. Enjoy!

How to Grow Your Small Business (Book)

by Donald Miller

In May 2023, I attended a masterclass with the brilliant Donald Miller. I bought 50 copies of his latest to get a ticket to the masterclass and would love to share a copy with anyone who wants one! (Fun fact: I want to working on getting certified as business coach within the next few years!)

BestSelf Relationship Journal

by BestSelf

I have two of these! Unopened and new. A couple of years ago, one of my favorite brands, BestSelf, released these notebooks and I got a huge discount on them. I was going to gift one to a friend and save one for me and future partner… but I’m still single. LOL.

Add Your Heading Text Here

By Moleskine

Opened, but unused and in new/mint condition! I bought this thinking I would use it. I’m a heavy reader. But I ended up never using it because I mostly keep record of things electronically. So if you want to keep a handwritten book journal, this is a cool notebook.

Clear Habit Journal

by James Clear

I love Atomic Habits by James Clear. I thought I would end up using this notebook, but never did. It’s in perfect condition and is unused. Learn more about the journal here.

Gratitude Journal

By BestSelf

This was free with a big order I made a few years ago with BestSelf. It’s new and still wrapped in plastic. I love daily gratitude practices!

Get Your Shit Together

Knock Knock

Went overboard in buying a bunch of these to give away as gifts last year and still have a couple of these quirky notepads.

Laptop Stand

The Apex Revolution

Got this from a Kickstarter way back in the day and no longer need it. It’s a great laptop or tablet stand that is fully adjustable. In great condition and is very sturdy and well-made.

The Golden Girls Magnets

Smith Street Gift

Got these to give to a friend as a gift, but that never happened. So it’s just sitting there waiting for someone who loves The Golden Girls! It’s a rarity, as I can’t find this anywhere on Amazon. In new condition as all the magnets are still in plastic – never opened!

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