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ShiftWebMarketing is competitive. If not done right, it becomes easy to get lost in the noise. Whatever niche you’re serving, there will always be the challenge of attracting customers to your business or even retaining your customers in the first place. Not to mention that there are already several businesses out there competing for your customer’s attention.

Usually, most small business owners make a common mistake of assuming that they can carry out their marketing all by themselves. After all, they know more about their business than anyone else. But this ends up costing them valuable resources in wasted money, time, and efforts.

Hence, this is why having the experience and expertise of a marketing company by your side will be crucial to your online success. The strategic input of a marketing company can give you an edge over competitors.

If you’re having trouble generating leads or converting leads to sales, the objective and fresh perspective of an experienced marketing consultant can make all the difference.

Also, business owners tend to become blinded by the love of what they’re doing or already done, making it difficult for them to make objective decisions, even though their approach isn’t working. A marketing company can objectively assess your business, tell you what you’re doing right and where you’re going wrong. While also strengthening what’s working and eliminating what’s not. Not only that, the inside knowledge and skills of a marketing consultant will save you the guesswork and give you the best practical use of your budget and resources.

Getting it right in business shouldn’t be too hard. Without the right input and advice from a marketing consultant, it becomes more likely for you to make marketing pitfalls that will slow you down.

Having a marketing company to guide you will undoubtedly fast track your business growth and save you costly mistakes. At ShiftWeb, we want to help you do just that.

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ShiftWeb SolutionsWhen you hear the word “brand,” what immediately comes to mind? Take a moment to reflect on the brands you’ve interacted with since the moment you woke up. Say your mobile phone, your toothpaste, your moisturizer, or gel, even your outfits. Do you think of an experience (either good or bad), color, or image, or do you remember a specific commercial, a famous tagline?

Usually, after interaction with your business, right from the moment they come across your website, even till directly after you’ve been able to convert them, customers will begin to form perceptions.

Now, as a business owner, ask yourself: “How would you want your customers to feel about your brand? Good or bad?”

As consumers, the brands that we’re loyal to are the brands that inspire a positive feeling. You probably wouldn’t be using a particular toothpaste if you aren’t confident that it could give you a fresh breath.

Essentially, you should aim to develop a brand that you’re proud of, a brand that inspires a positive experience in customers’ minds.

For this reason, everything that concerns your brand, including your marketing, communications, and operations, should be deliberate and not left to chance.

Having a loved brand doesn’t necessarily mean spending a lot of money, neither is it only common to big brands. All you need is a simple, clear-cut strategy on how to ensure that you’re delivering on the promise of solving your customer’s problem. Not only that, but you should clearly communicate your value in the process.

So it would be best if you were intentional about every touchpoint in your interaction with customers. Developing your brand goes beyond your logo, colors, or social media images. Your brand is the reflection of everything your business does.

A positive brand that customers love will play a vital role in your business’s success online.

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ShiftWebYour website is a crucial touchpoint on your customer’s path to buying from you. Here, they’ll come looking for more information on what you have to offer and how you can help solve their problem. But your website should be more than a place where you just throw around information on your business and ask people to buy from you.

When customers land on your website, you want to capture their interest and encourage them to do business with you. To be successful online with your business, you must ensure that your website is well-optimized for conversions.

But usually, most business owners get it all wrong when it comes to building their website. They tend to place too much focus on the aesthetics alone, forgetting that it is not the beauty of a site that sells but the words on it that do.

Sure, a beautiful website is great, but without a compelling communication of your business value with words, customers would leave without taking your desired action. In other words, a beautiful website wouldn’t sell your products alone, but clear communication of your offer using words will.

For this reason, you need to ensure that you build more than just a website. Your website should tell a story and get customers to stop in their tracks and listen to what you have to offer. And not only listen but get them to do business with you.

To properly do this, you’ll need to utilize the StoryBrand Wireframe, as we’ll discuss in the section below.

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Content marketing statsMany businesses just throw around boring facts, even statistics that nobody wants to hear? And you know why? It’s because, as humans, we pay more attention when we’re told a story than when we just hear facts. In fact, several studies have proven this.

By utilizing the StoryBrand Wireframe, you’re able to tell a compelling story that would not only make customers listen to you but ultimately make them bring out their purse.

The StoryBrand Wireframe breaks down the fundamental elements of a compelling story and blends it into a series of actionable steps that can be utilized in your marketing communications.

Whatever marketing approach you adopt, your customers would go through a journey. With the StoryBrand Wireframe, you aim to position your customers as the hero of this journey rather than your business. In this case, your business would be seen as a guide.

By telling a story using the StoryBrand Wireframe, your customers can see themselves in your story, and as a result, a connection is formed. This result is a clear and powerful marketing message that resonates with your customers and compels them to take the desired action.

The StoryBrand Wireframe ensures that your website is well-optimized for conversions. And does this by crafting a story where your business is positioned as the guide (one with expertise, experience, authority) that provides the hero (your customer) with tools, information (your product, services) that helps them defeat a villain (challenge, problem, frustration), and thereby live happily ever after (continued business with you).

With the StoryBrand Wireframe, businesses can craft a compelling story for their customers through their website. An optimized site that tells a story taps into consumer behavior psychology and propels your customer to take action. Without the StoryBrand Wireframe, getting conversions could become a lot more difficult, affecting your business success online.

Confused about the StoryBrand Wireframe? ShiftWeb can help.

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Atlanta online marketing companyThe truth is, most customers wouldn’t necessarily convert after interacting with your business for the first time. The path to a customer’s conversion is like a journey. First, they’re curious about what you do; then they gradually become enlightened and confident of how you can help before they eventually commit to doing business with you.

At every step of this journey, you should ensure to meet your customers at the point of their needs. Without an effective strategy in place, this becomes difficult. And essentially, this is where a sales funnel comes in. A sales funnel provides a system that makes capturing and converting leads efficient and seamless.

Not only do you need a sales funnel, but it has to be effective. An ineffective sales funnel would make it difficult for customers to complete their journey and get to the final destination. An effective sales funnel nurtures and develop the relationship with your customer at every step of the journey. Without an effective sales funnel, getting customers to convert will become very challenging.

Regardless of what you do, an effective sales funnel should be an essential part of your online marketing strategy. At ShiftWeb, we can help.

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SEO statistics

By now, you’re probably familiar with Google, unless you’ve been living under a rock. Google’s users worldwide are reportedly four billion. That’s more than half the world population.

Think of the last time you discovered a business or even became a customer through Google. Quite frequently, yeah? Whatever solution your company offers, there is a market for it. And your customers, either locally or worldwide, are regularly using Google to look for solutions through search queries.

If people can’t find you, then how would they do business with you? This is where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes into play.

Without SEO, your chances of being visible are close to none. Meanwhile, SEO is competitive. Different businesses are also aiming to snag a feature on Google’s first page.

Your competitors are well aware of the HIGH ROI of a reliable SEO strategy compared to advertising. This is why you’ll need an upper hand with your SEO tactics to ensure it works and beats the competition.

It pays to be intentional about positioning your company to earn thousands, even millions, of quality web visitors. Can you imagine the impact of a million web visitors on your bottom line? For this reason, you need to have a winning SEO strategy to be successful online.

At ShiftWeb, we live and breathe SEO. Schedule a call to learn more about how we can help with your website’s rankings.

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