Managed Web Hosting

We eliminate the stress and hassle of maintaining a secure and reliable online presence.

Website Maintenance

Website Health & Speed

Website Peace of Mind

Hassle-Free Website Maintenance

Business owners aren’t usually prepared for what comes next after their site goes live. We understand your business requires more than just a web design service to run smoothly online.

From maintaining site security to backups and software updates, we handle all the technical aspects of managing your website without you lifting a finger.

Our managed hosting is only $420/year.

What We Guarantee

99.9% Uptime

We monitor our servers 24/7. We use some of the most trusted data centers in the world so you never have to worry if your site will go down.

Lightning Fast Speed

"I enjoy browsing a slow site," said no one ever. We don't stuff thousands of sites on our servers like those big hosting guys do. That means non-bloated servers and better resources for you.

Peace Of Mind

What sets our hosting apart from shared hosting is that we provide you with a peace of mind that your site will be safe and in good hands!

Our Key Hosting Features

Unlike other hosting companies, we provide complete website maintenance with unique, white-glove services.

High Performance SSD Linux Servers

And you're not on a server with thousands of other sites, unlike other hosting companies.

SSL Encryption & Management

We install and renew SSL licenses for you to keep your site trustworthy.

All Licenses Included*

Save hundreds a year! We include all premium licenses to keep your site functional and up to date.

Core, Theme, & Plugin Updates*

WordPress core, theme, and plugin updates are needed dozens of times a year. This is essential to keep your site stable and functional.

Unlimited Bandwidth & Storage*

We can handle all the traffic and storage growth on your site.

Regular Scheduled Backups

We regularly back-up your website so we can restore your website in case anything happens.

Google Search Console*

We'll add your site to GSC to verify your website, resolve any errors, and more.

Google Analytics 4*

We include a comprehensive set-up on GA4 so you can gather valuable data and insight on your website.

Privacy Policy

We add an extra layer of protection by providing a generic, but comprehensive Privacy Policy that you can customize or use as is.

* These services sets us apart from other hosting companies! You won’t find another company that includes the same services without exorbitant fees.

Hosting Comparison

See how we compare to other popular hosting companies.




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Make your site ADA Compliant

Is your site accessible to everyone? Making your website available to everyone should be the standard. For an additional $490/year, we can make your site WCAG 2.1 compliant. Get in touch to learn more.

Cost-Effective Option

Cost-Effective Option

No need to hire technical support or bear the extra expense of training your staff in-house. From site design to hosting and management, we'll oversee everything you need to run your business smoothly online.

Time Saver

Time Saver

Your time is valuable! So why divert your precious time towards boring web management tasks? We update your WordPress, themes, and plugins for you. Just transfer the burden of site upkeep to us while you relax and focus on what you do best.

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

Protect your business's financial and personal data from cybercriminals. Besides implementing protective features like SSL encryption, we eliminate attack loopholes by regularly updating server infrastructures and security patches.

Optimal Performance

Optimal Performance

Avoid slow site speeds and downtimes that cost you business. Our high-performance cloud servers give you unlimited bandwidth and storage. Plus, we install premium plugins like WP Rocket, ensuring your site is optimized for speed and always online.

Dedicated Support

Dedicated Support

Get help when you need it. Whenever you need assistance, you can rest assured we're at your beck and call, ready to resolve any issues you may have in record time.

Fail-Safe Measures

Fail-Safe Measures

We guarantee 99.9% uptime, but it's crucial to have a safety net against human errors and unforeseen circumstances. That's why we schedule regular backups of your entire site. So if things go wrong, your site can be restored quickly, like nothing ever happened.

How It Works

We build your site

We manage your site

You breathe easy

We eliminate the stress of maintaining a secure and stable website.

12 years in business

Hundreds of happy small businesses

Millions in client revenue

Certified in Awesomeness*

* We made this up, but don't worry, we're still awesome.

What People Say

Managed Hosting FAQs

Managed web hosting is when a hosting service provider leases you a dedicated server but manages the server themselves.

We take it a step further and we don’t just manage the server your website is on, but we also manage the maintenance on your website! Most other web hosts do not provide this service.

Our services are perfect for those who do not want the hassle of managing a website all on their own. If you are not comfortable with keeping up with updates, backups, and security, then you can trust us to be there for you. We will take care of your site like it is our own.

Unlike the giant shared hosting companies like Godaddy, Bluehost, or Siteground, we don’t put your site on servers with thousands of other sites. This ensure better speed and security.

Our managed cloud hosting is exclusively available for those that purchase a web design service from us. We don’t accept non-clients (a.k.a. strangers) onto our servers because it doesn’t fit in our business or customer service model. Keeping a close relationship means we will come to understand your needs like a partner should. This will allow us to provide the best customer service possible for YOU.

Unlike other hosting companies, we provide complete website maintenance!

This includes all WordPress core, theme, and plugin updates (which happens multiple times a month). This is essential to keep your site stable and secure. The service is to provide peace of mind to you so you never have to worry about maintenance on your site.

What also sets us apart from other hosting companies is that we include all licenses that we use to build sites. When building a site, we use a number of premium plugins to make the site function the way we need it. Save HUNDREDS of dollars!

Unlike other hosting companies, we also do a comprehensive set-up of Google Analytics. This is important to make sure you get the right data analytics for future marketing efforts.

Our managed hosting is $420 a year, paid annually. If you are not satisfied, you may request a refund within 30 days of service. After 30 days, the fee is non-refundable.
Historically, major WordPress releases a major update about 2-3 times a year. In addition, there are also about 5-8 minor updates a year. In addition to updating WordPress, we will also update your site’s plugins. Depending on the type of plugins and how many plugins are installed in your site, the number of updates a year will vary.

We include essential plugins that keep your site stable, secure, and functional. Save hundreds of dollars annually!

If you choose to have us build your website, but choose not host with us, you will need to purchase these licenses to keep your site updated:

  • Elementor – $59/year
  • Astra Pro with Ultimate Addons for Elementor – $169/year
  • Premium Addons for Elementor – $39/year
  • Elementor Custom Skin Pro – $59/year
  • Wufoo – $349/year
  • Postmark – $15/month
  • WP Rocket – $59/year
  • Imagify – $10/month
  • Rank Math SEO – $59/year

There are other premium plugins that we trust and use, but they aren’t required, unlike the plugins above. It just depends on your needs with functionality.


But we don’t just slap a code on your website and call it a day. There is a better way to set-up your account! We include a comprehensive set-up on Google Analytics 4 (GA4) so you can gather valuable data and insight on your website.

Yes! We will add your site to Google Tag Manager to give you the ability to measure, analyze, and create actionable steps to improve your marketing and website performance.

Yes! Google Search Console lets you easily monitor your website, resolve server errors, site load issues, and security issues like hacking and malware.

Yes! We add an extra layer of protection for you and your website by providing a generic, but comprehensive Privacy Policy that you can customize or use as is.

You may think you don’t need a privacy policy because your business is small, or you don’t believe you’re collecting any sensitive information. But that’s not the case. All businesses – big and small – need to have a privacy policy, and you’re actually collecting more information than you think.

Privacy policies and GDPR compliant notices protect you, the end-user, and your company.

Read more about why a privacy policy is important.

Please read our terms of service for our managed hosting plan.

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