5 Web Terms You Should Know (But May Not Know) #6

landing page concept

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Landing Page

landing page conceptThis refers to any web page that a visitor “lands” on or arrives at. When it comes to the context of business, a landing page can mean something entirely different. It may be designed as a page that is separate from the look of your primary website, and may not even take site visitors to the company page.

A landing page may exist on its own, and is usually made for a single purpose. This is done to limit the options that are open to visitors in order to help you reach your intended conversion goal.

There are basically 2 types of landing pages:

  • Click through landing page: This kind of landing page encourage people to click on a link to go to another potentially interesting page. This is particularly useful in e-commerce funnels to describe a product in detail in order to entice the visitor to make a purchase.
  • Lead generation page: This is used to obtain user data such as name, birthdate or email address. This allows you to collect information that will enable to you to market and connect with a prospective customer.

Masonry Grid

Masonry GridIf you’re familiar with Pinterest, you may already have an idea on what a masonry grid is. This refers to a website layout used to present site elements – mostly photos – in a column-based design to maximize the vertical space available. This is usually used as a picture layout on most websites, and is characterized by smaller margins between site elements.

A typical masonry grid is written on jQuery, and is composed of differently-sized boxes laid on top of each other, just like a stack of boxes in a warehouse or shelf.

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is a web design technique that can cause elements of a web page to move at different speeds when a user scrolls. This causes the background of a web page to move at a different pace in comparison to the other components on the webpage. It is considered to be a very popular web design technique, though relatively new. Parallax scrolling is also widely used in two-dimensional video games to differentiate the focal point (usually the main character) and the slower-moving background.

User Experience (UX)

User experience conceptWhen it comes to having a good website, user experience focuses on understanding users, their needs, interests, abilities and limitations. This helps improve the quality of user interaction and also takes into account business goals and objectives.

According to usability.gov, there are certain factors that guarantee an optimum level of user experience. Information must be useful, usable, desirable, findable, accessible, and credible.

This ensures that users have access to content that is original and needed in a site that easy to use. Users value sites that have a distinct brand and design. Keep in mind that a site with easy-to-find, accessible and legitimate content is a site that is well appreciated by all.

User Interface (UI)

You could say that user interface and user experience work hand in hand with one another. User experience is the goal of a website, while user interface is the method by which this goal is achieved. In a nutshell, UI refers to how the webpage looks on a site visitor’s screen, and how the site elements are arranged to create a good UX.

User interface utilizes web design that focuses on predicting what users might need to do and ensure that the interface is made up of components that are easy to access, understand, and navigate.

Much like user experience, one cannot design a user interface without understanding the user. User interface utilizes interaction design, visual design, and information architecture.


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