5 Web Terms You Should Know (But May Not Know) #7

Keywords, Technology Concept

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A widget provides added functionality to improve a website. It’s a mini-application with a specific function that can be integrated into an existing site. Its technical name is “web widget”, which differentiates it from a mobile phone widget.

A typical widget performs a transient function that uses up a portion of the entire website to accomplish a specific task. Some of the most popular widgets are designed for event countdowns, sidebar clocks, weather information, posts archive, and similar site elements.


Keywords, Technology ConceptA keyword is a particular term drawn from multiple relevant searches. It is used by website owners and marketing experts to let their respective sites rank high on SEOs. Keywords can be utilized to direct customers into their business sites by choosing a keyword niche that they specialize in and then narrow it down to a more specific specialty.

Some companies use long tail keywords, which are numerous words strung together to create a phrase. This creates a narrowed niche with low level of competition, which ups their chances of being ranked higher for that particular keyword on search engines.


Plug-ins are software add-ons that are installed onto a base program in order to perform additional features. Internet browsers allow users to install plug-ins into the web browser to give it features not present in the default installation.

In the case of content management systems (CMS) and website platforms, plug-ins increase the functionality of the default installation by performing a particular set of tasks. Plug-ins are also called extensions, in the sense that they extend the features of the default framework. Some of the popular plug-ins are designed for spam filtering, SEO management, image optimization, site analytics, web form and online forum installation, and more.

Click Through Rate (CTR)

This denotes the average number of clicks (or click-throughs) per hundred ad impressions, usually expressed in a percentage. CTR measures the percentage of people who clicked on the ad to get to the destination site. It does not include in its calculations the number of people who did not click on the ad but arrived at the destination site anyway. In a sense, the CTR measures the immediate response of a person to an ad but not the overall response towards the ad.

Return On Investment (ROI)

Return on investmentIn a general sense, ROI is a measure of profitability that defines the performance of a business by dividing net profit by net worth. It is considered as the most common profitability ratio. ROI focuses on the amount of money that you invest in a business whereas profit measures the performance of the business.

In the field of website marketing, ROI refers to a measure of time when an individual or business is able to recoup its investment on the website. Setting up and maintaining a website requires financial input, and some companies – such as e-commerce sites and lead-generating pages – rely on their own sites to gain profit.


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