Benefits of a Simple Website

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When designing your website, you may begin to consider a website that has all the bells and whistles of the most complicated sites in existent. However, before going through with the creation of this complex website, you should consider the benefits of a simple website. Below we will go over the benefits of a simple website.

Easy Navigation/Better Structure

When you choose a simple design for your website, you are guaranteeing visitors will have a great experience on your site. A simple website is easy to navigate because it is less cluttered and easier for users to understand. In fact, the friendliest user websites allows users to find exactly what they want to know the moment they land on a website page.

Faster Loading

By design, simple websites are going to load much quicker than complex websites. The main reason simple websites are able to load so much faster than complex sites is because small file sizes load much faster than large file sizes. Web visitors respond positively to websites that load quickly, which makes simple websites very customer friendly.

Focus on Content

When you skip the decorating elements on your website design, you are allowing your site’s content to shine. To make sure your content shines through, put in right in front of customers when they arrive on your site. Since research shows most visitors simply scan website content and don’t read it word for word, make sure your content is highly scannable, so visitors can find the information they are looking for quickly.

Save Time Building and Maintaining Simple Websites

Simple websites are easy to build, and better yet, easy to maintain. It is also important to keep your website’s code as simple as possible. This is important because it is easy to build on, and simple code is easy to debug.

When creating your website, resist the urge to add a million decorative elements and other non-essential code. Instead, keep the code simple and keep the website simple. A simple website will please your customers, which will in turn deliver more traffic, more sales, and better user experiences.

What are your thoughts on simple design?


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