The Best Membership Plugins For WordPress

Sinoun Chea

Restrict Content Pro

Need to give out some special membership privileges for your website? Restrict Content Pro is designed to do just the job. This plug-in lets you restrict access to some of your most valued content. You can then create an unlimited number of discount codes in case your members are interested in buying their way into the restricted content. It has built-in integrations with Paypal Website Payments Pro, 2Checkout, Braintree, Stripe and for payment options. With detailed reports every month, or a period set by you, you can assess how well your membership scheme is performing. There are live demonstrations available so that you can view the entire design process and decide for yourself if it functions the way you want. Let your customers choose from free, trial or premium subscriptions and also send out emails whenever a new member joins or if you need to send out a reminder for a particular event or significant date.

Ultimate – $499
Professional – $249
Plus – $149
Personal – $99


Touted as the number one client portal and invoicing solution for WordPress, WP-Client allows you to set up specially designated areas for Client Management Portals, Client Areas, Client File Upload Areas or Client Estimates. WP-Client is unique in the sense that it can be easily integrated into your website as it simply uses a combination of shortcodes and your existing theme. It comes with easy customization and a completely secure login portal for each client. With added features of advanced file sharing and client manager which can be assigned to each client individually, this will be your trusted partner in the business. Additionally, it boasts of being developer friendly due to a set of documented hooks for customization purposes and private messages which can be exchanged between clients and their contacts through a secure channel.

Basic – $59
Plus – $119
Developer – $199
White Label – $349

Membership 2 Pro

This handy WordPress plug-in can quickly but efficiently turn your website into one that accepts members, both regular and paid ones. You get the power to set up not just one or two, but unlimited membership levels, all with varying degrees of access and control. Customize paywalls, enable password protection or even set up trial periods for the free members. Let your customers have the option to pay through four different payment gateways and manage your users through a fully powered dashboard. This plug-in is smart enough to automatically create new pages as and when you require them and send out broadcast messages to logged out users informing them of the benefits of joining.

Free with WPMU DEV Membership, which is $50/month


LearnDash is an excellent plug-in, and a must-have for learning, training, and educational websites. If you run a site that centers on learning or caters to an educational institution, LearnDash is the perfect platform for your visitors to engage in e-learning or online courses. This WordPress LMS lets you easily sell your courses by merely setting a price and pricing model. Also, you can arrange for your courses be periodically available to the learners in a drip feed format as per a predefined schedule. Let your learners gain a sense of achievement through certificates, points or badges on completion of a particular section of a course. Interestingly, this plug-in lets you interact with the users based on their actions in your modules. Other notable features include the creation of user groups, learner progress review and a personal messaging system that caters to each learner individually. With multiple payment gateways to choose from and automatic renewal reminders for users who are nearing their course expiration, you can be sure to always remain in profit.

Basic – $129
Plus Package – $159
Pro Package – $299

Ultimate Membership Pro WordPress Plugin

Sell subscriptions on your website with this membership plug-in that lets you incorporate services like exclusive content for users. These users may either be of the paid category or the regular free category, based on which they will have varying levels of access to your content. This plug-in lets you put a lock on almost all of your content including pages, images, certain URLs, products or content sections. All payments are handled through a WooCommerce gateway, with payment options ranging from recurring to one-time. With multi payments feature available as well as the option to log in through seven different social networks, this plug-in covers all your basic needs.

Regular License – $36


If you’re looking to build a WordPress membership site, Memberpress can take you a long way. Earn big bucks by placing some of your most valued content in the ‘exclusively for members’ category and then charge your users for signing up. Keep track of your annual or monthly subscriptions to see how you’re doing. The best part is that Memberpress doesn’t ask you to make any changes to your existing website as it is fully capable of integrations with existing WordPress pages. To further simplify your financial solutions, WordPress has collaborated with payments gateways like Stripe and WooCommerce. It is fast and simple but highly robust at the same time, indeed your trusted companion for your online money making business.

Basic – $119
Plus – $239
Pro- $359


This membership plug-in for WordPress websites lets you protect your content like posts, tags, categories or URIs. It even lets you put a lock on downloadable files like audios or videos which can either be stored locally or using s2members’ integration with Amazon. Powered by WordPress shortcodes, integration with your website will never be a problem with this handy plug-in. As for payment options, your users can choose from either Stripe, Paypal Pro, Paypal Standard or much more. It boasts of an active and smart open community so that you never run into any problems. If that is not enough, you can always access their vast library of video tutorials, APIs, s2member codex, documentation or KB articles. Another notable feature is that it is completely open source, which means once you buy it, it is all yours, including the source code on which it is built. Also, you get free lifetime access to future updates.

Framework – Free
Pro Version (Single Site License) – $89
Pro Version (Unlimited Site Pro License) – $189

Simple Membership

This is a flexible membership plugin for WordPress websites which lets you protect your posts, pages, and specific sections so that only a select few members can view them. Set up as many membership levels as you want with varying degrees of access to your content. Each of these access levels can have a price of their own, upon the payment of which the member will be granted access. Some of these memberships can even be free if you so desire and all payments are efficiently handled through Paypal. Let the payments be either one-time or recurring and also keep a log of all these payments and subscriptions for quality and inspection purposes. There’s the added option of setting up a member login widget on the sidebar for easy access.


Paid Member Subscriptions

This is a membership plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce that lets you protect your content, and helps you earn through paid memberships to your website. It lets you set up your membership service in just four simple steps involving the addition of Paypal address and creation of a subscription plan for your members. The best part is that it doesn’t force you to follow a pre-defined structure but integrates beautifully with your existing WordPress customization. With an account management system, your members can keep a check on their respective accounts. In case you need to keep track of the number of subscriptions, there are highly streamlined member management and subscription management systems, along with a payment management system for managing payments. You can create member discounts and set up email templates to send to users on registration or cancellation.

Hobbyist – $69
Pro Version – $149

WishList Member

For a fully fledged WordPress membership site, that protects your online content and makes your online ventures profitable, opt for WishList. This WordPress plug-in takes mere minutes to install but takes away literally all your membership concerns for your WordPress website. An unlimited number of access levels are possible, assign your members with categories like Gold, Silver, Bronze or anything else that you feel like, and set up each level of access yourself. With an interesting feature that goes by the name of sequential content delivery, you have the option to promote users of a particular band to the next higher one after a set period is over. As mentioned, installation is completely hassle-free, and integration works like a charm, irrespective of whether you’re using it on an existing website or a new one. For further customizations, you can opt for free, trial or paid memberships and also integrate a shopping cart powered by Paypal, Stripe, or many more for payments. With easy member management, multi-level access for your members and secure RSS feeds so that your members can view their content in RSS readers; this plug-in covers it all.

Single Site License – $197
Multi Site License – $297


Turn your online business highly profitable by selling your products, memberships or subscriptions, all made possible by the wonderful WordPress membership plug-in MemberMouse. This dynamic plug-in is amazingly easy to install, with the entire process taking up no more than a few minutes. Once you set up a membership feature that requires your members to pay to access, you need to put in place measures to protect your content. MemberMouse lets you do that by protecting your posts, categories, and pages. If you’re concerned that your lack of programming knowledge might adversely affect the performance of your website, fret not, because this plug-in uses SmartTags to let you make changes to your page. With an automated customer support out, you don’t have to sweat it on managing customer services. Additionally, allow your business prosper by reaping in maximum profits using one-click upsells.

Starter – $19.95/month
Advanced – $99/month
Premium – $299/month

Zippy Courses

This WordPress plug-in is your one-stop tool for implementation of online courses and e-learning services on your WordPress website. Whether you want to sell online courses or build a comprehensive e-learning solution, this plug-in can help you earn your way to the top. A major selling point is that Zippy Courses focuses not just simply on learning or sales individually, but combines these two to create a comprehensive training solution. Building your course has been simplified to the maximum degree and involves simply uploading your content in a newly created lesson. Set up different access tiers to your content, based on the membership levels of your users, so that just a few selected users can view specific content on your website. An interactive launch window feature lists if a specific course is open for enrollment, while as an added feature you gain control over how you want to release new content, either all at once or in a drip fashion. Follow up emails for students and a professional UI help bring in maximum users and make your venture a success.

Standard – $99/month
Professional – $199/month

WooCommerce Memberships

WooCommerce Memberships is a membership solution for your WordPress website that works best towards helping you earn big bucks from your online ventures. Let your business fetch money through commercial subscriptions, products or memberships. Schedule the way your content reaches your customers. You can either choose the drip content method, in which small portions of the content are delivered at regular intervals, or deliver all of the content at once. Restrict product viewing to members, which means only authorized members get to view your content, or restrict purchases, which means while nonmembers will be able to view the products; they won’t be able to buy them. Set up special discount coupons for your members to encourage sales and display the rewards for each member in a designated rewards section. Extraction of member data is also possible into a CSV file while Membership Notes let you track your members and subscriptions.

Single Site – $149
5 Sites – $199
25 Sites – $249

WP Membership

WP Membership is another wonderful WordPress plug-in that puts a lock on your most valued content through the use of paid memberships that can be unlocked only by authorized members of your website. This plug-in lets you profit from your online ventures and comes with unique features like responsiveness and translatable. The plug-in boasts of eleven language files and multiple payment gateway options such as Paypal and Stripe. There are various levels of membership involved including free, paid or simply a variable payment package that you can set up. It includes seven pricing tables and two sign up styles along with the option to set up coupons for your members. There’s a designated payment history section for when you or your users need to keep track of their payments while reports come in the form of pie charts or line charts.

Regular License – $34
Extended License – $395


Sell membership subscriptions, products, user profiles and so much more on your online business venture with ARMember, a comprehensive membership solution for WordPress websites. With easy integration, you would have absolutely no problem setting this up on your site while track reports help you keep a check on the number of subscriptions and view payment histories. Schedule the delivery of your content based on the access level of your members and the subscription time elapsed. The membership setup wizard works with shortcodes to simplify matters for you and doesn’t involve even a single bit of coding procedure. The built-in form builder lets you create multiple forms for your users such as signup and login forms based on dynamic form templates that come with the builder. To ensure maximum customizations, ARMember has tie-ups with the most prominent payment gateways including Stripe, Paypal, and 2Checkout.

Regular License – $39

Fusion Builder Membership

As the name suggests, this is a membership plug-in for your WordPress website that lets you protect your online content and then allow access to certain select users once they’ve made the required payments. It not only works as a security feature for your website but even turns your simple website into one that churns out enormous revenues for yourself. It works with all elements of Fusion Builder and is compatible with WPML and Polylang. This plug-in has been created with maximum SEO so that your content receives the maximum response. It is compatible with almost all major browsers and includes PHP files as well.

Regular License – $18
Extended License – $100

Paid Memberships Pro

Paid Membership Pro is a WordPress plug-in add-on that lets you add some unique features to your membership website. While paid memberships are a great way to earn a few extra bucks through your online ventures and valued content, there may be times when you can’t just set up a single price for a membership level, but would rather have multiples prices based on a number of parameters that could range from early subscriptions to special privileges. It is also possible to have sub-levels of pricing for each membership level. All of this is achieved efficiently by Paid Memberships Pro.

Regular License – $29
Extended License – $110


This is a complete and comprehensive WordPress membership solution that caters to all your membership problems without the need for any special add-ons. With an easy installation and an even easier setup, you will be done with the entire process in mere minutes and all set to bid goodbye to all your private membership woes. It comes with a unified update system that acts on every installed element and a True forms framework for easily creating interactive forms. There are unlimited pay subscription plans along with time-limited subscriptions available as well as a WooCommerce based payment system. Discount coupons are supported, and there’s the added option of searching and filtering user data by custom data.

Regular License – $69
Extended License – $299


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