Do I Need a Privacy Policy On My Website?

Sinoun Chea

When you are designing your website, you may wonder whether you truly need a privacy policy. The easy answer is yes you do. Keep reading below to find out exactly why you need a privacy policy on your website.

Lets Customers Know What You Will Do With Their Information

A privacy policy allows you to tell customers what information you may collect about them. This includes whether you will sell their information to third party marketers, or only use it internally. In a world where privacy and honesty are sometimes hard to come by, an upfront explanation of what a business will do with someone’s personal information is seen as a necessity by many consumers. A failure to have a privacy policy that outlines this particular information can cause you to lose out on potential sales.

If your site is collecting information about users, it is imperative that your privacy policy explain what type of information you are collecting, whom it will be shared with, and how long it will be stored.

Third Party Links on Your Site

If you have links to third parties on your site, it may be necessary for you to include certain information to comply with that parties’ policies.

State Privacy Legal Requirements

It is also important for you to check the legal requirements in the state that you do business with. This is critical because some states require certain legal language in privacy policies to protect consumers and businesses.

For the reasons listed above, it is essential that your website include a privacy policy. A privacy policy allows a business to be upfront and honest about the information they may collect, and what their intentions are towards that information. It also allows a company to adhere to any private or state requirements. The addition of a privacy policy also makes a website appear more professional, and are often a determining factor when someone is considering whether to do business with a particular company. Since a privacy policy is quick and easy to create, don’t lose out on the chance to reach as many businesses as possible. Instead, find out what you need to include, and post a privacy policy on your site.


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