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Best Slider Plugin RoyalSlider

If you own a WordPress-powered website, you would always want to be on top of the latest theme customizations and trends in site design. After all, who wants to visit a dull and boring website? Populating your site with pictures, animation and slide shows will definitely pull in more visitors.

Using a content slider plugin is one of the quickest ways to make your multimedia content appear on your front page as custom slideshows. A lot of WordPress slider plugins are available in the market, but one of the best that I have tried is RoyalSlider.

Considered as one of the best WordPress plugins for putting sliders on your website, RoyalSlider triumphs because of its user-friendly interface. In fact, the plugin is rated 5 stars by several WordPress review sites because of its faster performance and many excellent features that work equally great in various devices such as desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Here are some of the awesome features of RoyalSlider:

Touch Swipe Navigation

RoyalSlider is famous for its touch-swipe navigational property across many platforms – PC and Apple browsers, iOS, Android, Blackberry, and more. This is important especially with the rise and popularity of mobile browsing devices.

Responsive Design

Now a standard for WordPress themes, provision for responsive design is included in RoyalSlider. Worried that your slider will not look good on another device or browser? RoyalSlider does the dirty work for you, by being responsive in adjusting to browser resolution and configuration. The responsive image gallery and thumbnails will make your website updated to the latest theme trends.

Royal Slider

Put any kind of content on the sliders

RoyalSlider has the ability to create custom slideshows and css3 banner rotators with pictures and videos in different orientations. You can make sliders from practically any content type: posts, photos, Flickr images, and even WooCommerce products.

The plugin also has the ability to load multiple pictures to your photo gallery that can be adjusted as vertical and horizontal thumbnails. It’s no wonder that many photographers love this plugin.

It can also store videos in your video gallery from Youtube collections and Vimeo clips through carousel support processor.

Image Lazy-Loading

Speed optimization is the key to boost your site SEO, and RoyalSlider can help you by lazy-loading site images. As the page opens, adjacent images are preloaded in the background so that they are easily accessible when visitors want to see them.

SEO optimizationSEO optimized

As mentioned a while ago, RoyalSlider is equipped with image lazy-loading capabilities that make your website load faster. What’s better is that the lazy-loaded images are also indexable by search bots. That’s awesome news for those looking for WordPress plugins that can improve their search engine rankings. SEO is just a by-product of RoyalSlider’s functionality, and I don’t think anyone will complain about this side effect.

Wide Array of Default Layouts

This plugin is loaded with default templates and four skins (customizable through CSS), which provide more options to change how you would want the sliders to appear.

Big-named companies such as leading automotive industries such as Honda and Peugeot have already been using RoyalSlider to boost their website layouts. Product reviews are all praises and testimonies have posted positive comments about the plugin, especially because of its user-friendly features and worry-free installation.

All in all, RoyalSlider is designed for better performance, speed, accessibility, and stability to bring a wonderful experience not only to site visitors but to the website owner as well. With its rich array of useful attributes, RoyalSlider is one of the most feature-packed slider plugins that you can encounter.


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