The Benefits of Coworking Office Space

The Benefits of Coworking Office Space

Sinoun Chea

The corporate world looks way different from how it did a few decades back. Gone are the cookie-cutter days when people are employed by big companies and made to work in cubicles all day long. Apart from the rise in the concept of outsourcing and freelancing, coworking has emerged as one of the latest working styles in recent times.

Coworking involves people working in a shared environment doing things independent of each other. People in a standard coworking office space may not necessarily work for the same company or do the same job. It’s a hybrid of outsourcing and work-at-home jobs, and a coworking office space is often provided by an independent service provider that offers the basic necessities of a standard office setup – desks, computers, phones, and Internet access.

Don’t mistake coworking as mere locations or better-looking offices. It’s more of a community of individual workers who conduct their respective businesses together in a single environment.

If you are curious about taking up office in a coworking space but unsure whether it’s going to fit your needs, here are some of the advantages of a coworking office space:

Expand your network

A coworking office space may be designed for independent business owners or freelancers, but it’s also a great way to meet like-minded people. There’s a big chance that individual office workers can establish personal and professional connections with fellow office space renters and grow their networks. It’s also a good way to learn new skills from other people who are working in the same building as you are.

Save time

Work-at-home individuals know how difficult it is to balance work and personal life when working inside the house. There are simply too many distractions and temptations at home! Working in a coworking office space puts a clear distinction between work time and family time, saving you so much time balancing both.

Working in a place teeming with workers doing different jobs boosts your opportunities to connect with auxiliary services. If you are an article writer looking for a graphic artist, you might find one working in the same place as you do. Isn’t that a huge time saver?

Grow the local economy

The increase in interest to work in coworking office spaces has led people to stay in their hometown, thereby allowing the locality to keep its home-grown talents. Without the availability of coworking spaces, these skilled workers would have otherwise moved to thriving corporate locations that can provide their professional needs.

A large chunk of people working in these office spaces are actually running a small business using the physical resources of coworking locations. These small businesses definitely help boost the local economy.

Be more productive, creative, and motivated

Imagine working at home where you have easy access to the refrigerator, the television, friendly neighbors, and your comfy bed. Do you think you can resist these enticing distractions? In contrast, staying in a coworking office space gives you a sense of a real corporate environment, away from the luxuries and tempting comforts of home. The change in environment re-tunes your brain to a more productive work mode.

Working in a space full of fellow workers – no matter if you’re working in different projects – can also fuel your productivity and creativity. The environment allows you to feel like you’re part of a team even though you’re still working independently.

Save money

Home-based work may give you more personal time and less stress, but it may lead you to spend on things that are otherwise freely provided in corporate offices. The usual work-at-home tasks will require at least a computer and Internet access, and some jobs may need you to have a phone and other communication devices. That’s definitely going to eat up a huge part of your budget!

Renting a coworking office space gives you access to standard office equipment and connection to fellow freelancers. All of these are available for a fraction of the cost! Most coworking office space providers offer daily or monthly lease options that are easy on the pocket. It’s just a matter of finding the most reasonable workspace for you.

The popularity of coworking office spaces shouldn’t come as a surprise, with the benefits that it can give work-at-home individuals and independent workers looking for a new kind of work environment. Remember to scout for a coworking office space that you feel comfortable in and get the most out of your work day.

Where’s your favorite place to work?


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  1. The best thing about coworking office spaces is the freedom of independence, but also the comfort of working with like-minded individuals. It will be interesting to see whether this trend continues.

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