Types of Websites You Can Create With WordPress

Types of Websites You Can Create With WordPress

Sinoun Chea

One of the best content management systems out there for websites is WordPress. For more than a decade, WordPress is the choice of many personalities and companies has been helping virtually all sorts of websites around the world. So if you are not sure if your up and coming website can be created with WordPress, most of the time the answer is a yes. Here is a list of different types of websites you can create with WordPress.

Blog or Personal Website

WordPress has been and is still a popular choice for bloggers. In fact, WP started out as a plain platform for blogging before it eventually became an all-around, sophisticated CMS.

If you want to start your blogging journey with WordPress, you can go for it right away with their free platform. You can also take advantage of the tools available to make your blog or personal website grow quickly.


Woman online shopping red shoes with tabletNow is the best time to put up an eCommerce website since more and more people are drawn to shop online. With WordPress, you can accept payments and manage billing, inventories, taxes, and users easily. You can also use amazing tools such as WooCommere and Easy Digital Downloads to make your eCommerce business much easier.

Niche Affiliate Websites

Referring products and/or services to customers can be a stressful task. Luckily, with WordPress, you can create a niche affiliate website. Using their available marketing tools, you would be able to boost your affiliates while making your task a whole lot easier.

Q&A Website

People go to Internet to search for answers to their questions. There are a number of popular question and answer sites out there including Yahoo! Answers, Quora, and Stack Exchange. If you want to have a Q&A website then WordPress can definitely help you. Add the right plugins and tools then you are set to have an online community of your own.

Business Website

Building a business website can sound so difficult but it actually is really easy with WordPress. Ever since they expanded their services from blogg to different kind of website they have been serving business websites including big name brands to use WordPress. Just like for blogging, WordPress also provides tools to make your business website grow.

Non-profits or religious website

WordPress is a great platform for any non-profit organizations. Plugins for donating, raising money, and accepting Paypal donations can really help with your cause. In addition, a lot of WordPress themes are available for church and non-profit organizations.

Portfolio Websites

digital photo albumAre you an artist, model, photographer, or designer? If yes, then you definitely need a portfolio website where clients can take a look at your work. WordPress provides plugins for your site to create amazing galleries and the themes are designed to make browsing easier to increase your chance of leaving a good impression.

Podcasting Websites

Do you want to be a famous online podcaster? Start by having a podcasting website using the WordPress platform. Some of the most popular podcasters are using WordPress for their websites. Learn more on how to start your own podcast using WordPress.

Auction Website

With WordPress, you can also create an auction website like eBay and Amazon. With all the features and plugins, your users can bid, make payments online, and earn through commissions and simply providing a platform for this niche industry.

Multilingual Websites

WordPress allows you to create your websites in many languages but, apart from that, you can also create a multilingual website. Having a multilingual website using this platform is easier than one can imagine.

Job Board

Do you want to help people find a job? Then you can put up a job board website using WordPress. Job board is a website wherein companies can post job listings and jobseekers can respond to them. The demand of niche job boards are on the rise so take advantage of the current trend.

A couple of popular websites are using job boards to get extra income, so if you have an existing WordPress site, consider having a job board page on your website.

Coupon Website

Close up Two hand holding mobile phone with coupon codeWhat is a coupon site, exactly? It is a site intended for people to earn affiliate commissions from thousands of other websites that have promos or discounts on their products and/or services. Sounds exciting? You can also create one using WordPress.

WordPress makes it easier for coupon site owners to add, manage, and expire coupons as well as allow your users to rate and vote coupons. You don’t have to use other software to manage your coupon site as all these features can be done right inside your WordPress admin area.

Want to earn affiliate commissions from thousands of websites offering special discounts on their products and services? Use WordPress to create a coupon site. It allows you to easily add, manage, and expire coupons. Your users can vote and rate coupons, and it all fits right in your WordPress admin area.

Business Directory

Business directories, just like job boards, are also experiencing high demand rates on the web. If you’re planning to put up one then a couple of directory plugins in WordPress are available to help you.

Online Communities

Online forumsCreate an online community using WordPress, no matter what your niche will be. With the bbPress forum, you would be able to create forums for your online community website. You can also add social features like BuddyPress and incorporate it to your site.

School or College Websites

There are a lot of schools and college websites around the world and a good percentage of these sites are powered by WordPress because it is safe, secure, and easy to use. Here are a list of popular universities that are using the WordPress platform.

Knowledge base/Wikisites

Internet is a source of information and people go to knowledge base websites like Wikipedia. Using some WordPress plugins, you can come up with a knowledge base website and share your knowledge to the rest of the world.

Photography Websites

Photoblogs are still a thing today and if you are a pro or amateur photographer, you can share you photos by creating a photography website in WordPress. Tools such as Envira Gallery can help you create astonishing galleries. In addition, you can add albums, titles, popups, and captions to name a few. WordPress also has a gallery of themes intended for photography websites.

Family Blog

Keep in touch with your family and relatives anywhere in the world by creating a family blog or website. WordPress has all the necessary tools to create a website for your family where you can share memorable photos or just to simply connect.

Private Blog

Want to have your own online diary that only you or a few can read? You can create one with WordPress and they will make it as private as possible. You can write your personal journal or keep a private photo album safely and away from the rest of the world.

So there you have it, the types of websites that WordPress can create and develop. If your website in mind is included in this list, you can go ahead and develop that website right now!


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