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Looking for a way to manage multiple WordPress sites from one dashboard? Read on.
MainWP-logoWordPress has been a lifesaver for many website developers, including me. I have relied on the number one most commonly used website platform for ALL of my website projects because of its ease of use and awesome features. However, I sometimes find myself swamped with so many websites to manage and having to log into each of them every single time. This overwhelming series of activities became so much simpler when I started using MainWP.

Before I continue talking about this amazing piece of online wizardry, let me just say that I love MainWP! This powerful application gives me abilities – nay, powers – that I couldn’t have enjoyed with default WordPress installations. MainWP has made my life so much easier! Add that to the fact that MainWP is more affordable than the competition.

If I’ve made you curious about MainWP and interested to try out this management plugin, here are some of the awesome MainWP features that will make your decision a lot easier:

One Click Access

MainWP is perfect for people who manage more than one WordPress website. It is a WordPress management plugin that connects all of your WordPress sites in a single interface so that you don’t need to log in each of them one by one. MainWP’s one-click access allows you to navigate to your various websites using a single page. Say goodbye to entering URLs on your Web browser or memorizing login passwords to all of your sites. With MainWP, all you need to do is click the admin link going to your desired website, and you’re good to go!

Easy Management and Control

I usually have fun multi-tasking through my various WordPress-powered sites, but at times the process can be so overwhelming. What’s great about MainWP is that you can use the management plugin interface to replicate practically anything that you’re used to be doing in your single-installation websites – access the Admin Dashboard, manage themes and plugins, implement core updates, and more. MainWP is like a central command station for all of your websites.

Upgrading to the latest version of WordPress is fine and dandy for a single website, but really painstaking if you have three or more! Here’s MainWP to the rescue: you can upgrade all – yes, all – of your WordPress websites to the latest stable version with a single click of a button. The entire upgrade process becomes absolutely effortless. With MainWP, managing your websites has never been easier!

Incredible Power From Extensions

MainWP is already great out of the box, even with its free version. However, the real magic comes with extensions, which enhance the functionality and overall awesomeness. The MainWP extensions allow you to maximize the power of the management plugin by having access to additional features such as site backups, security, customer support, admin management, content management, analytics, and more.

As of this writing, the roster includes 32 MainWP extensions, but more applications are already in the pipeline. These extensions are optional and most of them require a one-time fee. You can save big if you buy the extensions bundle for a one-time lifetime fee that includes existing and future extensions.

What’s great about these extensions is that you can use them for all of your WordPress sites connected to MainWP. That’s a pretty reasonable deal especially if you maintain a lot of websites.

Create Backups

Let’s face it. We’re living in a world of uncertainty, technical glitches and tons of malicious entities. MainWP’s centralized backup system allows you to create backups of all WordPress sites connected to your MainWP account. Let MainWP back up your entire WordPress website, or you may exclude some folders that aren’t critical to your site functionality.

Making site backups takes time, but not with MainWP! The application is equipped with an automated backup scheduling system that creates copies of your crucial site files daily, weekly or monthly. Everything is done automatically, easing you out of the burden to manually create backups.

After backing up your site data, you have the option to use the WordPress Remote Backups Extension to send the backups to your preferred storage location – Amazon S3, Dropbox, FTP and more.

Clone Any Site

If you ever encountered the need to make a copy of your website onto another WordPress installation, you know that the process is agonizing. The same is true when you need to switch to a new web hosting service and you need to relocate all of your websites to the new host. With the Clone Extension for MainWP, copying a WordPress site to another fresh install has never been easier.

Here are some of the things that you can accomplish using MainWP’s cloning feature:

  • Create a mockup website with the themes, plugins and other site settings, and then build up the new and official website by cloning the mockup.
  • Transfer your websites from your old web host to the new one. There’s no need to pay a hefty sum for relocation services or to slave away in front of the computer to do the transfer manually.
  • If you have a favorite theme and site layout, you can copy it across all your websites to create a consistent feel. This technique works great when you’re running a network of websites that represent a single company.

Publish Pages and Posts

MainWP works by accessing the admin pages of your WordPress websites using only one interface. This is especially helpful when you need to create blog posts and pages in several websites. MainWP allows you to publish posts and pages, edit or delete them, and switch from one site to another quickly. Just choose from a list the website that you intend to publish a post on, and the rest runs just like you would add a new post in your individual websites. The content management interface at MainWP also allows you to manage comments and links.

If you need to post content on several websites, the bulk posting feature does the trick with ease. You simply make the content, pick the websites where you want the content to appear, and presto! Your content is now populated throughout your chosen sites.

Great Security

Some plugins secretly peek through your site information and store bits and pieces, but that’s not how the developers of MainWP want their product to function. MainWP is installed on your own web host and not on the developers’ private servers. The application does not secretly store information about your site or your admin actions, so you can rest assured that every inch of your website is secure.

It’s common for WordPress plugins to be identified in your websites, but MainWP is designed to be on stealth mode. Nobody will know that you’re using the management system – not search engine spiders and definitely not your competitors.

Fearing for loss of data or compromise of your websites? WordPress is already designed with rock-solid security features in tow, but MainWP kicks this up several notches through extensions. The Clean and Lock Extension, for instance, hides admin pages and strengthens admin access limitations. Meanwhile, the free Sucuri Extension is an additional protection layer against spam and malware.

Awesome Customer Service

Any WordPress plugin may encounter a bug or a need for customization at some point, but many of them don’t have the support that the folks at MainWP have set up. MainWP is backed by amazing client support to address any of your MainWP-related concerns. You may use the MainWP support forum to post questions and browse similar concerns. If you purchased an extension, an exclusive Help Desk is available to answer your queries. Expect a response from the MainWP support team within an hour, although tougher and more complicated concerns may take longer.

If you want a quick answer to a relatively manageable query, MainWP provides a FAQ page as well as a Common Errors page. You may also refer to the MainWP documentation, which discusses all of the plugin features in great detail.

Better Than The Competition

I have seen a number of WordPress management plugins but nothing can match the package that MainWP offers. One of its biggest competitors is ManageWP, a similar management system for WordPress that offers one-click updates, backup and migration services, and strong security features. However, its main downside is pricing. Unlike the free service that MainWP offers for its basic system, ManageWP requires a monthly fee per website. Ouch! That’s going to hurt if you have many sites to maintain. With MainWP, you don’t need to pay for basic WordPress management services that ManageWP is also offering.

InfiniteWP is another WordPress management application that works similarly as MainWP but again with hefty fees for its add-on features. Worse, you need to pay for management of posts, pages, users and backups, all of which are free in MainWP. As for security, InfiniteWP stores a few encrypted files from your websites, while MainWP assures its clients that they don’t store site data into their private servers.


Using WordPress is already convenient by itself, but hooking it up to MainWP elevates your user experience. This amazing WordPress application makes management of multiple websites easier and much more fun. On top of it all, customer service is topnotch and the basic service is absolutely free with options to upgrade its functionality using premium extensions. All in all, MainWP is the perfect management tool for people who maintain several websites.
Seriously. I don’t know what I would do without MainWP.


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