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Sinoun Chea

This period may be considered the age of online glory because the Internet can do pretty much anything – well, maybe except for household chores! However, there lies the caveat: the rise of online development also brings in more sophisticated cybercrimes such as malware and DDoS attacks.

If you’re a site owner, you’re bound to a site failure at least once in your life.

If you don’t prepare for worst-case scenarios for your website, you are making your site more vulnerable to online attacks or even total deletion. The time, money and effort that you spent building up your site will all be for naught if someone with a dangerous agenda gains access to your web account.

Backing up your website is probably one of the best solutions for cases where your website gets compromised. Before you become skeptic or think that a website backup is not worth your time, here are five reasons why you should start backing up your entire site:

The best Plan B

You may not be able to arrest hacking activities or malware intrusion in your site. However, if you have a backup of your entire site, you can simply delete all of your files, clean the drives, and start fresh using your backup.

Quickest way to return to normal

When your website is offline, you run the risk of losing visitors, potential leads, and cash influx. You don’t want that to happen, do you? Having a backup in tow allows you to quickly restore your site after being compromised, with the hope that no one will notice.

Internal attacks are inevitable

Many of the website applications and plugins nowadays are free for use, but sadly some of them were designed with malicious intent. There’s a possibility that you have installed a malicious plugin that could compromise your site. If that happens and your site eventually crashes, your worries might not be as troublesome if you have a backup.

It’s your responsibility as the site owner

Your web host can only do so much in terms of preventing hackers from penetrating its servers, but ultimately the best line of defense should come from you. Being the owner of your website, you should take the responsibility to store backups of your files before it gets attacked.

Peace of mind

What will you do if your website gets attacked and deleted? That scenario is going to trigger sleepless nights and a lot of headaches. Give yourself peace and serenity by storing a backup of your website at regular intervals.

It’s not difficult to start the backup process. Let ShiftWeb help you give a good night’s sleep by setting up regular backups for you!


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