Why Your Domain Name Is Important For Your Business

You’ll have many things on your plate once you decide to start and run a business. For starters, you need to hire the right people and develop products appealing to your target audience. However, your efforts should not stop there — you should carefully choose a domain name because this affects your brand online and your ability to attract customers.

A domain name is an identification string or the address of your website that people use when they visit your website. For a more straightforward explanation, think of it this way: if your website is a house, then your domain name will function as its address. A good domain name will make it easier for online users to find your website and eventually, know your brand.

Your domain name can significantly affect your business for these reasons:

Improves Your Marketing Efforts

a premium domain helps you improve your search engine ranking

Marketing is an essential aspect in every business. A robust marketing campaign allows you to develop lasting relationships with your customers and improve brand awareness. But aside from using the right marketing channels, do you know that your domain name also works as a powerful marketing tool?

When creating a domain name, you should make sure that it’s descriptive, easy to remember, and short. Using a domain name that meets these qualifications helps your customers to find your website faster and know your brand better. Having a website that’s visible online because of its domain name will surely improve your marketing efforts.

Builds Credibility

domain name you use can speak volumes about your credibility and legitimacy as a business

The domain name you’ll use can speak volumes about your credibility and legitimacy as a business. An inappropriate domain name, for example, can create the wrong impression about your brand and can become the reason why customers will buy from your competitors.

By using a winning domain name, you can prevent these from happening and use that domain name as a tool to build your credibility both online and offline. Owning a memorable domain name will make your customers think that you’re a reputable and established business — traits that can foster brand loyalty.

Protects Your Brand

using premium domain names can help you protect your brand

With the number of businesses opening regularly, expect that you’ll come across companies that offer similar products and services. Fortunately, you can stand out from the competition by building a strong brand; your brand is your leverage from other competitors in the industry.

Using premium domain names can help you protect your brand and ensure that your customers remain loyal to you. With a premium domain name, no other company can use your website address or URL. This means that the website address you choose to use and the image this address creates will remain yours long-term.

Increases Your Search Engine Ranking

a premium domain name can surely improve your search engine ranking

According to statistics, websites that appear on the first page of the Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs capture 71% of search traffic clicks. Websites that appear on the second page of the SERPs only receive 6% of traffic clicks.

These numbers clearly indicate that websites that are on top of the SERPs receive more traffic online. The more online traffic a website has, the better chances it’ll have in converting online users to paying customers.

There are many ways to improve your search engine ranking, and using a premium domain name is one. A premium domain name is one that’s stuffed with high-quality keywords, and using this for your website can surely improve your search engine ranking. This works because keywords are one of the most prominent ranking factors search engines use today.

Your Domain Name Matters

creating and using the right domain name can be your key to success

If you’re still a neophyte in the business arena, creating and using the right domain name can be your key to success. With the right domain name, your business becomes more memorable online, making it easier for you to haul in customers and earn profits in the long run.

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