18 of the Best WordPress Real Estate Plugins of 2021

Sinoun Chea

1. Showcase IDX

One of the fastest-growing real estate plugins, Showcase IDX is one of the most comprehensive tools available. It uses mapping tools and real estate portals to bring you up-to-date information. It’s also easily customizable. It has templates, management tools, a CRM, customization, and more.

Showcase IDX is a platform for building a comprehensive real estate page. It provides all the information you need with a very active team that updates the system. The essentials version has everything you need to get your website running. You can also opt for a premium plan with many more features, including demographics, featured listings, and more.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Mobile ready
  • Support to help you set up the plugin
  • CRM integration with automation
  • Customizable


  • You can only maximize the tool if you know basic coding

2. iHomefinder

With iHomefinder, you gain access to all the IDX websites and marketing tools to help you grow your business. It offers various features from management to marketing aimed at helping all real estate businesses. From lead generation to nurturing, iHomefinder has both automation and analysis. You’ll also have access to partner web developers that can help you improve your website.

iHomefinder is a solid option for bringing new clients and closing deals. The tool allows you to check detailed local activity and also works to promote your listings. It’s a tool that can work for individuals or teams. You can even opt to white label the service at wholesale pricing. It also has a blog feature so you can post custom content to build engagement with your customers.


  • Videos to help with set-up
  • Integration with numerous WordPress sites
  • You can build custom pages depending on your needs
  • Lower price than most tools on the market
  • User-friendly interface


  • Customer support is not available 24/7

3. IDX Broker

Many consider IDX Broker as one of the best real estate plugins available for WordPress. It has very detailed features that can help you integrate your business into social media. You can also take advantage of IDX and MLS listings search, customizing your website. You can integrate every filter or custom field you need.

IDX Broker is probably one of the best tools available if you can afford it. It covers everything from calculators, charts, reporting, lead generation, and more. It has a steep learning curve, but it will do wonders for your business once you get used to it. There are several plans available on the website depending on your needs. The Lite version is the cheapest, with customizable map and search features.


  • High level of support and customer service
  • Works seamlessly with other plugins
  • Every feature you can think of to help you with your real estate website


  • One of the most expensive tools on the market
  • Steep learning curve

4. Estatik

Estatik is a top real estate plugin for its plethora of features. You gain access to listings, and it helps you optimize your content for more traffic. It also features multilingual support. The Pro version has an advanced search feature, customization, and subscription management.

The good thing about Estatik is that you only pay the one-time fee. After payment, you gain access to the full range of features. It has a map feature and mortgage calculator, and you can integrate the plugin with PayPal. Support is also very responsive and active.


  • One plugin for all the features you need
  • PayPal connectivity to help manage subscriptions
  • Multilingual support for reach
  • Integrates with MLS (premium version)


  • A few 404 errors here and there. Speedy support quickly resolves these problems

5. Real Estate Pro

Real Estate Pro does the job for you. It comes configured with all the settings and templates you need. After installation, you’ll immediately notice a difference with your WordPress site. It removes the hassle of trying to figure out the right setting when you’re getting familiarized with a new plugin.

It has a clean aesthetic and a vast image gallery for customization. It also has integrations with Stripe and PayPal so customers can purchase from your site. It’s also mobile-friendly, helping your WordPress site have a mobile responsive design. The plugin offers a demo so you can get a feel for it before committing any money.


  • Compatible with automation tools like MailChimp
  • 13 languages support
  • You can configure subscriptions using the plugin
  • You can also run a listings site using the plugin
  • Compatible with Visual Composer


  • No MLS integration
  • Lack of guides and tutorials for use
  • Hard to access the translation features

6. IMPress Listings

IMPress Listings helps you create detailed listings, showing all the features of your properties you sell. You can even include map plugins and a virtual tour of the property. The best part of IMPress is that you can use the plugin completely free. The only paid features of the plugin are some of the listing templates.

When you install IMPress, you gain access to MLS integration. You can also customize your listings using status tags. The plugin has a listing management system, making it easy for you to manage your listings. You can also connect your Google My Business profile to the plugin for scheduling, updates, and more.


  • Featured listing widget
  • Maps inserted automatically
  • The search feature has customizable dropdowns
  • You can migrate AgentPress listings to IMPress


  • You need coding skill to change default property status tags
  • Not very active support team
  • Creating a single listing is tedious

7. WP Amortization Calculator

The WP Amortization Calculator can work with many of the popular plugins available today. You can use it with your current WordPress site or another plugin. Amortization calculators are a feature that many of your customers will search for. By having it ready, you help ease the process for them, increasing your chances of closing.

The best part about the calculator is that you can tweak it to fit with your branding and website. It has a responsive design and also has lead capture models. Users will also be able to download a PDF version of the calculations using the plugin. You can test it out with a live demo before purchasing.


  • Highly customizable (can fit your branding)
  • Collects data to see the loans customers are looking at
  • Captures leads while providing value to customers


  • Requires deep knowledge of coding for advanced styles
  • No way to disable integrated features

8. WPL Real Estate

WPL Real Estate works best by showing your clients all the agencies and agents they’ll work with. You can post information about them and share it. Clients will know beforehand who the agent is. The feature works for both buyers and sellers. The plugin is also compatible with most WordPress themes.

With the plugin, you can share a map view of your listings. You can also offer advanced search features and list all agents from these listings. It offers more features in its Pro version. To get access to the pro version, you have to talk to their customer support for a free quote.


  • Very responsive customer support
  • Agent listing is a feature often overlooked by other plugins
  • Connects easily to the MLS


  • You have to get the pro version to gain access to all the features

9. Easy Property Listings

Like some plugins on this list, Easy Property Listings is a free plugin. One of its interesting features is its data-gathering. You can see the stats on listings for active and sold ones. It helps you get an idea of when buyers and sellers move.

Easy Property Listings also has several extensions you can buy. These extensions may not be necessary, but they provide additional value if you’re willing to buy them. Its freemium model is one of the reasons many love using this plugin. You can also contact support through email if you need any help.


  • Great customer support
  • API documentation for more freedom with customization
  • Easy to use
  • 100s of theme templates ready to use
  • Highly customizable listing interface


  • Paid extensions should be a part of the free plugin like its competitors

10. Essential Real Estate

As the name denotes, Essential Real Estate contains everything you need to get your real estate website up and running. It’s highly rated because of its customizability and slew of features. You can customize posts and showcase agents, properties, and more. You can add new listings and handle invoices, and it even records transaction logs.

Even with the free version, you get access to a lot of features other plugins consider premium. One such feature is customization. Essential is also compatible with many payment methods and accepts global payments. It is easy to learn the software with video tutorials available from the developer.


  • Many features for a free plugin
  • Has many features that help your SEO
  • Easy to add and modify all attributes of your listing


  • Steep learning curve
  • Features can get overwhelming

11. WP-Property

WP-Property is one of the most used plugins in real estate. It has many downloads because it was one of the first to cater to the real estate market. It allows you to customize listings, manage properties, and showcase them as needed. It’s also very popular in other industries.

Some websites even use WP-Property for selling cars and other items. It’s easy to filter to the categories as needed. However, its age does show, making it a little difficult to master compared to other plugins. Developers also take some time updating the plugin, so you may not find a compatible one with your WordPress site version.

  • SEO-friendly URLs
  • Multilingual (12 languages)
  • Google Maps integration
  • Built-in media library


  • Steep learning curve
  • Development started slow before improving (you may notice negative reviews from its early builds)
  • Slow to update in recent months

12. Toolset Real Estate

Toolset Real Estate, as the name implies, is a set of tools to help you with your real estate website. Some of its features include listings, custom fields, maps, and more. It offers multiple search features, giving your visitors more freedom in their searches. It also has support for other plugins.

One valued feature of Toolset Real Estate is its property results tab. You can set the results on a map, list, or grid, depending on your preference. You can also customize using location and place markers and integrate custom designs. The developer website has all the videos needed to help you learn how to use the plugin. They also offer free courses for anyone interested in purchasing.


  • Intuitive front end for easy use
  • Integrates seamlessly with other plugins
  • You can use Toolset for both free and paid directories
  • Numerous features in one listing


  • Not much information available about their customer support
  • Not much transparency with updates

13. BirchPress

A plugin used for appointments, BirchPress makes it easy to set booking schedules. You can use it as an add-on to your real estate website, and it works well with other plugins. With BirchPress, you can place a booking form on your site. It also integrates with several payment options like PayPal.

BirchPress supports other plugins such as WooCommerce, making it easier to sell online. It also syncs with your various calendars like Google Calendar and iCal. It will send you notifications and reminders when you have made changes to the schedule. The plugin is also developer-friendly to allow for more customization options.


  • Easy to integrate with other plugins and apps
  • Payment support, making it easy to integrate selling on your website
  • User-friendly interface


  • Very pricy for a booking plugin
  • Lack of active customer support

14. WPCasa

WPCasa is an easy-to-use real estate plugin. It has many themes that you can customize for your WordPress site. It has an advanced search engine with multiple features, making it easy for visitors to search for the property they want. You can also use the plugin to add more information about your listings from images to maps and more.

The plugin features a demo you can use before you install the plugin. You don’t need any prior coding knowledge to use it. It also comes with shortcodes you can use with any WordPress theme. It also comes with translation support as needed and has documented code for developers who want to bring out more customizability.


  • Good customer support
  • Good all-around plugin for real estate
  • Functional and flexible templates


  • It may take some time to get used to the plugin
  • Customer support may be inconsistent at times
  • Nothing unique to make the plugin stand out

15. WPVR by RexTheme

WPVR is a virtual tour plugin. You upload panoramic images, which it then uses to help create the 360-degree tour. These plugins have been growing in popularity, with a growing demand for them due to the pandemic. It will also likely see further use in the coming years thanks to the convenience.

After you upload videos, you can highlight features of the tour to help visitors. It works with various plugins and is also compatible with WooCommerce. Visitors can also set it to auto-rotate, making it easy for them to view the property. The developers offer videos to help you use the plugin and have some demos so you can see the results yourself.


  • Put a virtual tour on your website without much hassle
  • Very responsive support team


  • It is a pricey plugin

16. AgentPress Listings

AgentPress Listings work best with StudioPress themes. They come from the same developer, and you will need a Genesis Framework for it to function. With AgentPress, you can include property listings on your website. It’s easy to search, manage, edit, and add information to those listings as needed.

Many use AgentPress for its flexibility (as long as you have the requirements). It works with Google Maps, and you can set it to include detailed filtering. You can enable a search function and create custom post types as needed.


  • Free plugin
  • Option for custom or default listing taxonomy
  • Works well with Genesis Framework and StudioPress themes


  • Its functionality with Genesis limits how many users can take advantage of it
  • The developers don’t state that it is a clear requirement
  • Very pricey for its limited use

17. UPTOWN Real Estate

From CodeCanyon, UPTOWN Real Estate comes with a slew of features. It has a straightforward interface, making it easy to manage listings. It also supports customization with currency conversion, custom fields, translations, and more. You can integrate it with other plugins as well.

UPTOWN comes with various layout and template options for your website. You can also integrate it with the existing themes you have. It is compatible with Visual Composer, and you can customize every aspect of the plugin. Make sure to check your WordPress site for compatibility before moving forward with the plugin.


  • Fully customizable layouts
  • Clean templates featuring modern designs
  • Visual composer support makes it easy to use

No maps feature

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