What Is a Responsive Website and Why Is It Important?

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A responsive website, also called a “mobile ready” site, is designed to be user friendly for a range of mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. In comparison to a website that can be simply viewed on a mobile device, a responsive website cuts down on scrolling, panning, and resizing. This means users don’t have to struggle or waste valuable time pinching and expanding hard to read sites.

Responsive websites automatically adapt to fit the screen of the device you are using, and the design also allows for touch sensitivity. Even if your website is doing well, you will want, or actually need, a responsive website also in order to be competitive in the market. Below we will go over the top five reasons it is important for you to have a responsive website in order to be successful.

Mobile is Becoming Incredibly Popular

By the end of 2013, there will be more mobile devices on Earth than people. [Source]

Over the last decade, the use of smartphones and tablets has increased significantly. This trend is only expected to increase in the future. What this means for small businesses is they should design a responsive website now. Doing it now will cater to the many users who are already used to, and prefer, a responsive web, and will attract new customers as the trend continues to grow. If business owners wait to institute this technology in their business, they are missing out on potential sales; now and in the future.

Responsive Websites are User Friendly

It’s true that any website can be pulled up on a smartphone or a tablet. However, doing this with a non-responsive website is a pain. The website can be hard to navigate, parts of the site may not work, and some things may simply get overlooked because they are hiding in a corner of unseen screen. Since responsive websites are becoming more and more popular, Internet users are likely to leave your site and find a more user friendly site rather than deal with a site that lacks this technology.

Mobile Commerce is a Growing Trend

According to the 2011 Forrester Research Mobile Commerce Forecast, mobile commerce is a growing market. In fact, in 2010, mobile commerce sold over $3 million in goods. In 2012, that number rose to $10 million. By 2016, that figure is expected to rise to $31 million. Part of the reason mobile commerce is growing is because retailers understand the growing trend of mobile technology. Retailers and brands offer secret deals, time-sensitive sales and many other perks to mobile users. For this reason, and a variety of others, it is imperative that businesses get a responsive website as soon as possible.

Booking Entertainment Options is Easy with Responsive Websites

Hotels, concert halls, restaurants and any other entertainment venues need to have a responsive web site. No one likes to stand in long lines waiting for tickets, or making reservations. With a mobile site, customers can easily book tickets, check wait times, and even check out motel rooms for an overnight stay while they are still on the road. To make sure your business doesn’t get overlooked, make it easy for users to find you, your products and your services.

Searching is a Cinch on the Go

One of the most amazing advantages of a tablet or smartphone is that it makes searching on the go a cinch. To understand the impact of responsive sites on the market, imagine a mother is searching for a special toy for her daughter’s birthday. After three stores, she has had no luck. After searching on her iPhone, she comes across a store that has exactly what she is looking for, and she can even order it easily online through a company’s responsive website. A mobile site also makes finding people, businesses and restaurants super easy to do.

When you consider the top five reasons above, there really is no reason not to develop a responsive website for your business. It is also important to note that these are just the top five reasons you should have a mobile site. Sure, cost is a factor at first, but when you begin to notice how much your sales or business increase through the use of your responsive site, you will realize it is a cost that can be recovered easily, and its really a cost you can’t afford not to spend.

Do you have a responsive website? If not, it may be time for a redesign. Contact us for more information.


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