5 Ways to Maximize Social Media for Your Business

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Social media conceptEveryone knows that it’s worth paying an experienced Atlanta web design company to create a website that is attractive, modern, easy to navigate, and set up for optimization.  You probably also understand that social media is an important part of any online marketing strategy.

What many business owners have yet to figure out is how to maximize social media efforts to see targeted returns.  Here are just a few tactics to consider.

1. Mobilize

Certainly people still use computers to engage with social media platforms, but more and more users rely on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets for the majority of their social media interactions.  What does this mean for businesses looking to capitalize?

First off, you better get on board with mobile optimization if you haven’t already.   We’re not necessarily talking about SEO yet (although we’ll get to that).  What this means is that you need your website to be responsive, as in flexible enough to work on either a computer or whichever mobile devices consumers are using to view your pages.

Your trusted Atlanta web design firm can help you to take your website (which is likely decidedly biased toward computer users) and make it fully responsive. This way visitors enjoy a convenient browsing experience regardless of the devices they use to view pages.  The last thing you want when social media followers click through to your website is a confusing mess that they have to scroll, swipe, and resize in order to find information.

2. Facebook Ads

In recent months, Facebook ads have become something of a golden goose for online marketers.  It’s no surprise given that roughly a billion and a half people use Facebook all over the world. Plus, Facebook has created scads of tools to help businesses target and reach relevant consumer groups.

In terms of maximizing your social media impact with Facebook ads, there are simply too many tips and tricks to list here.  That said, you’ll certainly want to use tools that allow you to get your ads in front of consumers based on their age, gender, job title, and interests, just for example.

Facebook not only has a huge audience at their disposal, but they also have information provided by users that allows them to customize advertising to suit both businesses and consumers.  It’s a potential treasure trove for any business interested in targeting consumers that are most likely to seek their goods or services.

3. Content Marketing

content marketingThere has been a shift in the relationship between companies and consumers over the past few years.  This is due in large part to the rise (and purchasing power) of the millennial generation as they demand personalized services and meaningful interactions in exchange for support through purchases and brand loyalty.  Many businesses are finding that social media platforms offer the opportunity to provide the added value consumers are clamoring for.

Content marketing is a strategy by which companies offer value through “free” content that is devoid of overt sales pitches.  Social media allows this content to circulate more freely, it draws customers to company websites, and, when properly managed by experts at your Atlanta SEO company, it can result in lead generation, conversions, and sales.

4. Videos

With live streaming taking center stage (especially on Facebook), you really need to get on board if you want to stay in the game.  Videos are not only more attractive than text or still graphics in the visual medium of the internet, but they’ve been shown to increase engagement and sharing.

If you’re interested in holding audience attention long enough to deliver information, as well as increasing retention of the information you’re sharing, video is definitely the way to go.  Whether you’re pushing creative content or advertisements, utilizing video features and tools on social media can have a marked impact on the returns you see from your online efforts.

5. Metrics

social media marketingAs any Atlanta SEO company will tell you, there’s no way you’ll get the most out of your social media efforts if you fail to effectively follow-up.  On the one hand, this could entail replying to comments and questions in order to perpetuate interactions with followers.

However, the more important aspect of follow-up revolves around utilizing appropriate metrics to track and analyze your online efforts, and there are plenty of free tools to help you.  One good example is a Facebook tool for targeting customers by the amount of a video they watched, whether it was only the first ten seconds or they watched until the end.

Since viewers received different information based on how much of the a video was viewed, you’ll want to retarget with ad content based only on what was seen.  This is just one of many ways in which tracking tools can give you an edge and allow you to maximize your social media efforts.


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