Citation Flow VS Trust Flow

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Have you heard of citation flow? How about trust flow? Not yet? It’s okay, most of us haven’t heard of these terms. But if you want to keep a good track of SEO concepts, then you have to read this post. Here are the important things you need to know and importance of citation flow, trust flow and how to achieve high scores on both.

Why Is There A Need For Flow Metrics?

Secondary metrics matter nowadays since Google Pagerank has been discontinued. A couple of metrics are now used to base Google rankings, and these include Domain Authority, Trust flow and Citation flow.

There are also sites such as MajesticSEO and Moz that are capable of ranking and finding out the authority of existing sites or blogs. If you want to try and trick these metrics, you may have a hard time doing so for they are more accurate than ever and their flow metrics are updated every day. This is why trust and citation flow metrics are two highly relevant things to be studied by bloggers and website owners.

Citation Flow

Businessman hand press button web link iconCitation flow is the metric created to determine the influence of a link by taking into consideration the volume of links pointing to it. It does not question the quality of the links so the more links pointing to it, the more influential it will become.

Citation is important for your business as it creates awareness to users about your business and its online presence once they read it.

Trust Flow

On the other hand, the trust flow metric is designed to check the “trustworthiness” of the link. This measures how trustworthy the links are based on the quality of backlinks pointing to the site. The more authoritative the backlinks pointing toward your site, then the better the trust flow score you have.

In other words, a high trust flow automatically sends a signal to search engines that you have high-quality content on your site. You will know that your site has high organic traffic when there are more backlinks from sites with high trust flow rate.

Citation Flow VS Trust Flow?

The two flow metrics should coexist, but trust flow weighs more impact than citation flow? Why is it so?

Trustworthiness For one, trust flow factors are also the factors being used to determine trust flow. So if trust flow increases, citation flow should also follow. However, it doesn’t mean that citation flow should become equal with trust flow. Furthermore, when citation flow increases, it doesn’t mean that trust flow will also increase.

When you have high citation flow but only managed a low trust flow, it can create a negative impact to your site. In short, citation flow is a must but a high trust flow is much better.

It doesn’t mean, howeber, that you have to set aside citation flow altogether, as this is an important element in creating a balance to the overall trust of your website.

How To Measure Flow Metrics?

Go to MajesticSEO, then enter your site’s URL on the box while choosing fresh index (default) and hit search. The results will show you the backlink profile of the URL you entered as well as the flow metrics.

Take note that MajesticSEO limits your use if you’re not signed up so if you want to know more URLs’ flow metrics score then you can sign up for free. You can also install the MajesticSEO extension for Chrome or Firefox.


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