How to Build Personal Trust with Google

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So you have taken your first steps to become a proper Google webmaster with a fully functioning website that has been completed keeping all the basic principles of both design and SEO in mind. But once things get going, you start wondering why aren’t things as easy as they sounded when you were reading about them, as the competition just seems really high.

To become a successful webmaster, the first thing you have to understand is that you need to build up trust with Google to reap the rewards of being a professional and valid webmaster in the eyes of Big G. Once you’ve built some amount of trust, you’ll not only start seeing improvements in your website rankings, but also get speedier and more favorable results from requests to their user support

Here we’ll provide you with all the basic knowledge and the steps that need to be taken by any aspiring Google webmaster to build up a good trust rating with Google.

Benefits of Building Personal Trust with Google

Before we move to the core topic, let’s talk about some of the benefits that you will enjoy once you’ve established yourself as a trustworthy webmaster in Google’s eyes:

Enjoy Easier Time With Google Support

One of the most common complaints that webmasters make is that support from Google takes a lot of time to respond back and process their requests. But step back and think for a moment; there are millions of websites out there on Google with thousands of requests streaming in every day that require different actions and processing. So it’s only natural that they prioritize trusted requests first before working on requests from more obscure webmasters.

By creating trust with Google, you’ll find that you enjoy a faster response time from Google support, faster processing of requests, and maybe even more favorable results.

Boost Your Relevance as an SEO Professional

When a webmaster builds trust with Google, they have to achieve that by using proper SEO methods and techniques. Once the webmaster’s SEO activities are recognized by the search engine, the website rankings will receive a noticeable boost.

Furthermore, adding certain positions like ‘Google Local Guide’ to your portfolio certainly helps if you are a digital marketing professional as well as a webmaster. This can help you to be recognized as a digital marketing professional by different organizations and agencies that work with digital marketing and e-commerce.

Settle Google Business Listing Disputes With Less Hassle

Google Business listings are a very vital part of a webmaster’s SEO efforts, so it’s only natural to be concerned if you get locked out from you account due to any reason, ranging from spam reports to being reported by another party. With enough trust and relevance, it becomes easier to sort things out as Google will be more receptive to a webmaster it trusts rather than one with no reputation on the search engine.

Building Personal Trust with Google

Now that you’re well versed with the benefits of being a trusted Google webmaster, we’ll move to the cream of the article and show you the different ways through which you can establish yourself as professional webmaster in Google’s eyes.

Fair warning, like all things done properly in life, creating a good trust rating with Google will definitely take some time, so if you’re reading this article for a quick fix, the following content is not for you.

But if you’re willing to spend the time, resources and energy required to build trust with Google, you’ll be enjoying the benefits in the long run. Without further ado, let’s see the different steps you can take to build trust with the most popular search engine on the planet.

Be a Part of the Google Community

Make no mistake, Google is a huge tree in the forest of search engines, with many branches and sub-branches. By being part of any one of the fifty official Google forums, you can start building trust and reputation by engaging with the community.

Start providing good reviews, helpful answers, tips and tricks as well as guidance to the new members who are not so well-acquainted with general webmaster guidelines. Your trust rating will be built on how many people are interacting with your posts, voting for them, and commenting on them.

The easiest way to get good and fast responses from these forums are to keep a few things in mind:

  • Write posts in an elaborate and friendly manner
  • Respond to comments and requests on the primary post
  • Provide detailed instructions on different topics in an organized and efficient manner

Some of the most popular forums on Google include Webmaster Central Help, Adsense Help, Tag Manager Help, and Blogger Help. Aside from participating in the different forums and communities on Google, it is also available for new webmasters to actively contribute to Google Local Guide and Google Maps.

By providing proper reviews, recommendations and listings, it is easy to become a valid Google contributor by building up your trust rating in a reasonable amount of time. Maintaining proper tone and professionalism in the Google community is very important to achieve success and trust, as it’s not as casual as social media and doesn’t tolerate unprofessional attitude.

Consistently Generate Fresh Content for Your Website

This is also a very important factor to keep in consideration when building trust with Google. To become a trusted Google webmaster, your own website must perform well in addition to all the other contributions you make.

You should keep in mind that the quality of a webmaster’s own website is the first thing that Google checks for. If the content quality does not meet Google’s standard then it negatively impacts the webmaster’s trust rating.

The first thing to consider when generating quality content is the word count. When people search up for something, they look for helpful answers to their queries. Keeping that in mind, the minimum standard for written content is usually 500 words. Plagiarism is a big no-no, with hefty penalties implemented on websites with copied content. It’s also a bad idea to copy content as the original content’s owner can easily identify the offense.

Since the internet has evolved rapidly over the past few years, written content doesn’t have as much reach as it used to due to the advent of other interactive media. A good webmaster tries to incorporate different media like audio and video in their content in an organic manner which increases its reach and creates substantial trust value with Google.

Refrain from Black-Hat SEO

One of the primary reasons many thousands of website fail within the first few months of their launching is due to engaging in black-hat SEO link-building. Just visit any freelancer website and you’ll find out that there are tons of offers from sellers out there promising back-link building with thousands of links pointing back to your website.

What they really do is copy paste your links in spammy and disreputable websites. Once Google identifies this, the website immediately becomes penalized with little or no chance of recovery from the damage. Instead of being tempted into these scam offers for $5-$10, it is better to do proper SEO research and employ white-hat link building techniques that will boost rankings in an organic and fluid manner over reasonable periods of time. Remember, there is no shortcut to SEO.

Keep Your Website Clean

When we say this, we don’t mean the overall aesthetic look of the website, though that is also an important factor when Google analyzes your website. Many webmasters in their frantic frenzy to monetize their website as soon a possible put up a bunch of ads on each and every page. This actually has a reverse effect on the website’s visitors and annoys them as unnecessary pages with meaningless advertisements open up one after another on the browser.

A webmaster can easily verify this by checking the bounce rate of the webpage. Instead of flooding your website with ads, understand your audience and place relevant advertisements strategically around relevant content which makes for a far better user experience. Of course, a little bit of research is required to find the right products to place ads for, but it’s worth the effort. A high bounce rate is very harmful to any website and hinders trust building with the search engine itself.

Let People Know You

Just like in real life, it is easier to build rapport with your website’s audience if people know more about you than nothing at all. Many niche specific websites lose a lot of potential business just because the potential clients have no way of forming an opinion about the owner of the website, since there’s no information available about them on the website itself.

Just like you would in any social media or career platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook, add a photo, some basic bio, and your contact information so people can easily reach out to you. By doing this you build trust with both Google and your target audience.

Get Professional SEO Assistance

Now that you’re well equipped with the knowledge on how to build trust with Google, start working on them as soon as possible if you’re serious, because all of this will take time. As you work to build your own personal trust with Google, if you are looking for expert advice or implementation of proven SEO strategies, get in touch with the team at ShiftWeb.

We’d love to hear more about your business goals and show you how higher Google rankings can help you achieve them.


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