Why Managed Hosting is Good For Your Business

Sinoun Chea

In plain English, managed hosting basically refers to the fact that you allow a team of professionals to take care of the IT sector within your business and ensure that everything runs smoothly, from server upkeep and periodic updates to customer support and disaster recovery solutions. In other words, you don’t have to train your staff to take care of your servers, you outsource this job to professionals and this can bring you a lot of benefits in the long run. If you’re currently unfamiliar with the myriad of advantages you can get by using managed hosting services then keep reading.

Have lower running costs

Running servers and keeping them up to date can be an expensive business, depending on how many people you have to train or hire for this job. You might need to find admins for your databases, admins to take care of the operating systems on your computers, etc. If you go for managed hosting, all these problems are solved, you can save a lot of money in the long run and you can focus your attention on more important tasks within your company.

No need to hire support staff

If you sell certain applications or IT infrastructure to your clients, they will definitely need support at some point in the future. Instead of having an entire support department to take care of your clients’ requests, you can simply take advantage of managed hosting services and this problem is solved for good. You will benefit from 24/7 support for your IT applications and ensure that any IT issue is quickly taken care of by professionals.

Enjoy complete security services

Cybercrimes are increasingly popular these days and this is an alarming fact. Each company needs to protect the financial and personal data of its clients. By taking advantage of managed hosting services, you have more peace of mind because a whole team of IT experts will ensure the security of your computer systems and servers. Some of the security benefits you get include updates on operating systems to eliminate known vulnerabilities, running firewalls and antivirus programs, periodically checking the IT infrastructure for safety holes, etc.

Moreover, most managed hosting services also offer you preventative security measures which basically means that your servers will be protected at all times and any malware will be prevented from ever attacking your IT infrastructure.

Enjoy permanent server monitoring services

Monitoring a server isn’t an easy task because there are so many things to do on a regular basis. Instead of training personnel within your company to do that, you can simply outsource this task and enjoy permanent server monitoring at an affordable cost. The IT experts will take care of security updates, running maintenance operations, etc, ensuring that your IT infrastructure runs smooth as silk.

Take advantage of 24/7 support

It is good to be able to contact an expert at any moment of the day or night and enjoy quality, customized support by phone, ticket or chat. With managed hosting services, you are always in contact with knowledgeable IT people ready to help you in your moments of need.

Have a solid backup plan in place

Accidents can happen at any time and every respectable company should protect its main assets which are usually represented by computer systems, databases, sensitive client information, hard disks, etc. A good managed hosting service will always keep your data safe at a remote location and it can be quickly restored in the case of an emergency or natural disaster. As a result, you have more peace of mind knowing that the continuity of your business is ensured and you can quickly get back on your feet if something bad happens.

Did you know?

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