Why Quality Content Is Important For Your Site

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Including quality content on your website is crucial for a variety of reasons. First, quality content should be designed to engage readers. Secondly, content can increase search engine rankings and drive traffic to your site.

Lastly, relevant, quality content can increase the possibility of your site receiving quality links. Below, we will go over the details of why content is incredibly important for your site.

Excellent Content Will Engage Readers

When you are creating content for your site, you need to focus on three things; entertainment, information and an offer of enticement, or a call to action. At the same time, you need to include relevant keywords in your content as well. The keywords will help your site rank well with the search engines, but you must ensure that you don’t overdo it with keywords, and that all content sounds extremely natural.

It’s also vital to remember that the best content is focused on the reader. In addition to focusing on the customer, it’s essential to know that poorly written content will likely do more damage to your site’s rankings than having no content at all. For this reason, it is best that web site owners focus on only including high-quality, well-written content on their site.

Increase Traffic and Search Engine Rankings

Well-written content will naturally include keywords. Search engines will take notice of these keywords, and the site will receive increased traffic and higher search rankings as a result. Sometimes it takes time for high-quality content to deliver traffic and rankings, but when the site does make it to the top of the search rankings, it has the strong potential of staying there. On the other hand, low-quality content that employs black hat or gray hat SEO tactics is likely to get banned by search engines. For this reason, it is better to invest in customer-based, high-quality content to increase traffic and search engines.

Promotes Possibility of Quality Links

Engaging, well-written content promotes the possibility of receiving quality links simply because it is information people want to read. Better yet, it is information they want their friends, family, colleagues and social networks to read as well. When content is engaging, it gets shared. The more the search engine is convinced that people want to read your content, the better your site will do with traffic, which in turn increases the possibility of the page being indexed, and your site receiving quality links.

In today’s Internet world, it is true content is king. Now, more than ever, it is necessary for businesses and webmasters to stop relying so heavily on the popularity of their brand, products or site, and to start focusing on content to increase their presence on the web. An important note to remember is that quality, well-written content will engage readers, which will increase your site’s traffic, and search engine rankings. In turn, the increased traffic will promote the possibility of receiving quality links. This formula for success is all based on content. Take your business to the next level by adding quality content to your site.

Stats that prove the value and power of content:

1. 80% of business decision makers prefer to get company information in a series of articles versus an advertisement. (Source)

2. 90% of consumers find custom content useful, and 78% believe that organizations providing custom content are interested in building good relationships with them.

3. Per dollar, content marketing produces three times more leads. (Source)

4. 60% of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content on its site.

Check out this video from Matt Cutts. Matt explains the value of content in a general, practical, and technical manner. In case you didn’t know, Matt is widely known in the SEO world as he is head of Google’s Webspam Team. I love reading his blog and watching his videos because they are simple, informative, and I trust he provides valuable information when it comes to search engine optimization!


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