Why You (and Your Business) Should be on Google+

Sinoun Chea

Google+ is an identity service that can help you and your business network in ways that simply aren’t possible anywhere else. If you, and your business, participate in Google+, you can increase your presence on the web. Below you will find the top six reasons, you, and your business should be on Google+.

It’s Not Facebook

Although at first glance Google+ looks like Facebook, it is essential to realize that it is profoundly different. Google+ introduced the +1 Button. Today, that magnificent, little button is seen everywhere, In fact, it can be found on product websites, blogs, and even YouTube videos. This is crucial to your business because every time someone clicks the button, it feeds that information to Google, which gives you more targeted ads, and delivers these ads to everyone else in your Google account too.

Need an SEO Boost? Add the +1 Button

According to Google, adding the +1 button to your site won’t boost your page rankings. However, others say it will indirectly boost your ratings. This happens because of the endorsement function of Google+. The more users in your network, the more the endorsement will effect search engine rankings.

Google Users Dominate Search Results

When someone likes a product, blog or service on Google+, it is shown to everyone in their circle. This means if you have a large circle, you have the potential to influence many people. Once people in your circle see your endorsements, they are likely to take a gander at your likes as well.

Google is Great for Your Company’s Reputation

If you stay in business long enough, it is almost inevitable that you will get some negative reviews. Unfortunately, depending on whom you offended, there could even be an article or blog circulating the net about someone’s negative experience with you or your business. However, if you create a comprehensive Google+ listing, you can earn a top spot in search engines. This process will help push nasty, negative comments down in the rankings. This way potential customers, and sometimes current customers, will be exposed to positive comments before negative ones.

Google+ Gives You More Freedom

Twitter gives its users 140 characters in a post. Facebook gives a bit more, but not nearly as much as Google+. In fact, on Google+, business owners can post whole blogs. This is beneficial because the more content you feed Google, the greater potential for your pages to be indexed, which will increase website traffic, SEO and visibility.

Google+ isn’t a Fad

Google and others have experienced failures in the past including Google Buzz, Orkut-kudos and  Wave. The failures of these sites may leave some a bit worried about diving into Google+. After all, no one likes to waste time. With Google+, there is no worry about the service failing. Google has invested a great deal of blood, sweat, tears and money into this process, so failure isn’t really an option. The service is even integrated into almost every part of Google. For this reason, Google+ users can guarantee that the time they invest in Google+ will pay off.

It’s critical to remember that these are only the top six reasons you and your business should be on Google+. Since the service is growing in leaps and bounds every day, business owners shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity Google+ offers to increase their presence on the web.

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