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Almost every small business I work with ask me if getting Google Apps is really worth the money. And I reply in one word—Absolutely. The positives and assistance Google Apps provides you are essential for your business. And I can assure you that once you begin using this awesome service, you will wonder how you ever functioned without it.

Let’s talk about some of the wonderful things Google Apps can do for you.


We always recommend webmail over desktop mail to our clients. Having Gmail is like carrying your mailbox with you wherever you go. What’s more, it’s responsive which means that it is compatible with your mobile phone, laptop, desktop and your tablet. Then again, you can work on Gmail even if you’re not connected to the internet because it has offline support also. This is very convenient because you needn’t stop working if you need to be away from your office or if you have to travel.

Gmail also provides one of the best visual interface for checking email. It is also one of the most (if not the most) flexible email system there is. Manage multiple emails in one box and created labels as you need for organization. Because you are using Google, which is well known for their amazing search tool, you get great search features for Gmail as well. Find any email you need in 2 seconds! Gmail is known for its superb reliability with 99.99% uptime and they also provide top notch security with a 2-step verification option.

Google Apps allows you a total of 30GB of space that you can use to store just about everything you might need for future reference. This means, no deleting possibly important data to make room for new files. They also have this very effective search tool that allows you to access and sort your files so you can find them easily.

If you’ve been using Gmail, you’ll know how convenient it is. You can send text messages and voice mail. Chat with friends on video and when you turn it on, you can instantly check which of your friends is online. Post your own pictures on your profile or see the pictures of your friends on their profiles. Check for any new updates they might have posted and any documents they might have shared with you.


Google Calendar provides much of Outlook’s functionality, again without any of the needless complexity. It too is integrated with an email system – in this case of course Gmail – and doesn’t require the setup of dedicated servers. Google does that all for you. There are other features of note too:

  • Overlaying multiple calendars to compare availability is incredibly easy.
  • Calendars can also be shared easily, with a variety of permission control settings to protect privacy and security.
  • Mobile integration is solid, and you can easily set up SMS alerts for calendar notifications.

Use the Calendar app to fix events so that they don’t clash and you can work out your events as per your own and your teammates’ convenience. It is an excellent tool for users that work with teammates in different time zones. Also, use it to remain accessible to your customers. Set up a schedule on your website and allow potential customers to select the available time slots to meet with you.

You can be assured that your data is safe with Google because all data is exchanged through encrypted connections. Further, you needn’t be concerned about losing your schedule in case the devices you’re using crash. Simply check with Google and access your schedules stored in their database.

Drive / Docs

Google Drive frees you from the necessity of having to carry bulky folders and paperwork with you everywhere. Create and store your documents on Google Drive and access them from any location, over any device you need to work with. Pick the device you have handy such as your Mac, mobile phone or PC and continue to work by syncing your files with the cloud. Add in whatever you need, from equations, tables, images, drawings to links. You have the option of sharing your documents with team members and allowing them to add their comments and input.

Google Drive allows you to work with their spreadsheet editor. You can analyse your data by using pivot tables, filters, advanced formulas and embed necessary charts into documents.


Hangouts is absolutely indispensable to you as a business owner because of the time it saves you travelling to meet with potential customers and team members, especially if you’re working in remote locations. Conduct or attend meetings from wherever you are and access and share relevant documents while you’re interacting with people. Of course, let’s not forget that you can use any device to access the Google Hangout App.


Google has special features added into their Google+ app that have been specially designed keeping your requirements as a business owner in mind. This app helps you build a bigger presence on the internet. By way of authorship, the app builds a connection between you and the content you’ve posted by adding your picture beside your post. In this way, readers instantly recognize your content and this factor establishes you as an authority in your respective field.

If you have a Google+ badge on your website, your readers can track you on Google+ and remain on your site at the same time. Also, by adding hashtags, you can reach users that are not in your circle of typical followers. Google+ allows you to post bigger pictures and this visual medium can do great things advertise your business. You can also interact with people in Google+ circles and post comments just as you would on a Facebook page.

Join or initiate a Google+ hangout where your customers can talk about their experiences with your business. This is the best way to understand your clientele and their expectations from your products and services. Use this information to improve your business or develop newer products.


The success of your business depends on potential customers locating it when searching for the products and services they need. You can use the Google Places to create a listing for your business so they can spot it easily on Google.com and Google Maps.

Google Places allows you to make sure that the description of your business is correct and correct any errors. You can also add other vital information, photos and videos and this listing will serve your business well even if you don’t have a website for it.


Having more than a single phone number for your business is essential for its accessibility. But being able to manage them all at once can be difficult at times. This is where the Google Voice steps in to assist you. Combine all your numbers under a single number and then use Google’s control panel to manage them. For example, you can screen the calls you’re receiving and use the app to convert voicemail into text messages.

How has Google Apps helped your business? Do you need help setting it up? Let us know in the comments below.


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