Why Reputable SEO Firms Don’t Offer Guaranteed Results

Why Reputable SEO Firms Don't Offer Guaranteed Results

Sinoun Chea

SEO With Guaranteed Results..

“Guaranteed #1 ranking in Google.” You’ve probably received an email like this, and you’re wondering if these guaranteed SEO offers have some truth in them. After all, with millions of websites already competing for the same keywords and target market, your website could benefit from a little push from these SEO companies.

Let me tell you upfront: The term “guarantee” is not a good term to use in the world of SEO. Companies who implement real SEO strategies have foregone – and are even avoiding – the use of the words “guaranteed SEO”. Apparently, nothing is absolutely guaranteed when it comes to SEO. Here are some reasons why reputable SEO companies don’t promise guaranteed ranking results:

Guaranteed SEO Companies Have a Bad History

The industry has been tampered by malicious companies who pose as “SEO experts” just to capitalize on the gullibility of website owners. These SEO scammers have tainted the industry and severed the trust of business owners and service buyers in otherwise reputable SEO companies.

The term “guaranteed rankings” is a favorite catchphrase of SEO scammers, and unknowing website owners fall into the trap of their empty promises. Here are some of the terms and marketing alerts used by malicious SEO companies that spell trouble for your site’s search ranking:

  • “Guaranteed placement on first page of search results.” No company can absolutely guarantee that your website will appear in the top search results, especially on the keywords that you want your links to appear.
  • “Guaranteed fast listing on search engine directories.” Speed of site submission to search engines and site directories has no bearing on your website’s SEO. The search index bots will go at their own processing speed, and your SEO company will have control over how fast your site will rise up in search ranking.
  • “We use the best SEO software that includes link exchange and automatic site submission.” Automated SEO techniques just don’t work anymore, unless you’re going back to the 1990s! As a result, old techniques such as site submissions and link exchanges are not effective in this generation. You’ll be better off with a more hands-on but more organic SEO technique because search engines prefer websites that grow naturally.
  • “Your website will be optimized in 100 keyword phrases.” Yeah, an SEO expert can promise this, but not using the keywords that you want to appear in. Some SEO companies could conjure a highly unfamiliar set of keywords that absolutely no one types in the search bar. Many of these useless keyword are either non-competitive or non-monetizing, so why bother?

Search Engines Warn Against Guaranteeing SEO Rankings

“No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google.” That line is explicitly stated in a published article by Google, talking about the need for SEO. It’s a shame that this line doesn’t appear in huge font and red color, because website owners should not miss this message. No matter how your SEO consultant convinces you that their strategies guarantee high search ranking, Google itself has said that there are no guarantees.

If SEO companies advertise a guarantee in search engine ranking, then chances are they seo with guaranteed resultshaven’t read this piece by Google. In other words, they’re not aligned with Google’s SEO preferences. Imagine how that will hurt your website’s chances of getting good ranking in the number one search engine!

Rankings Are Not The Only Metric You Should Use

Business owners want their websites to attract high traffic, and they usually turn to SEO as a way to increase the number of visits to the site. While this logic is true, having a high rank in search results does not guarantee that your site traffic is going to shoot up. Rankings may help significantly, but be aware that this is not the only way to get more people to visit your pages.

Instead of focusing on ranking, why not turn your attention to the quality and attractiveness of your site content? Sure, a high rank on Google enables people to discover your site more likely, but if they see nothing that catches their fancy, they will just bounce out immediately and never come back. In contrast, a website that delivers content that engages first-time visitors will be highly likely to be revisited and recommended to their social contacts. The result: more traffic!

Therefore, instead of putting search ranking at the top of your priority list, replace it with site traffic. SEO is merely a tool to improve site traffic, which should be your ultimate goal for the website.

Rankings Are Not Controllable

Any guarantee will come into fruition only if there is absolute control over the situation. Courier service providers can guarantee that your package will arrive in two days because they have control over the entire process. In the case of SEO, however, a guaranteed search ranking is similar to undelivered promises by a politician.

A reputable SEO company can only guarantee up to a certain degree, say increasing the current search rank of your website. However, no SEO company can claim that they have a connection with popular search engines and have direct control over the processes happening in search indexing. Details about the algorithms and processes in search engines are kept under wraps by the search companies alone.

In other words, companies who say that they can guarantee your site’s search ranking is committing an unethical act. Would you trust someone like that?

Let me emphasize this: A guarantee is possible if there is absolute control over what’s happening in a particular situation. In the case of SEO, no company can claim control or influence of search engines. Because of this absence of control over how search engines scan websites, it’s virtually impossible to make guarantees that a website will stand on top of the rankings.

However, SEO companies can always guarantee that their clients will be happy with their services. They can even push the guarantee of increasing the search rank of their clients if all recommendations on SEO strategies are implemented.


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5 thoughts on “Why Reputable SEO Firms Don’t Offer Guaranteed Results”

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  2. Hi Sinoun,
    i found this post of yours on first page. And i must say that you have written an awesome post. And even though i have gone through the same that you have Written. And giving guarantee will surely ruin the quality of the SEO firm.

  3. Hi sinoun,

    Interesting study I found here in this post and totally agreed with your words. The guarantee is nothing in case of SEO because search engine behaviour is not in our control. Company can only guarantee their work not results.


  4. I recently ran into a company that was offering guaranteed SEO rankings at a very low price. I talked with them at length and reviewed their proposal but I’m afraid to move forward with them after reading this post. I’m glad I found this because I truly believed that this company was affiliated with Google and they could put me at the top of the first page.

    What’s the best way to handle companies like this in the future? I want to tell them to get lost but I’m always afraid that if they truly were working for Google, they would just remove my site entirely.

    SEO is definitely a complex situation and when a SEO company guarantees rankings, it just seems like a red flag.

    1. ShiftWeb Solutions

      Hi Jack, thanks for your comment!

      Yes, you are definitely making the right choice to stay away from companies that guarantee SEO rankings. These companies certainly do not work for Google and do not have the ability to “move your website to the top.”

      You should check out what Google says about guaranteed SEO companies and read all the scams that out there.

      If you do want professional guidance, you can certainly give us a call.

      Thanks for your comment and I’m glad we could help you!

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