The Epidemic of SEO Solicitors

The Epidemic of SEO Solicitors

Sinoun Chea

I was inspired to write this post because I constantly receive annoying emails with solicitors inviting me to try their SEO services. If you own a website, I know for sure that you probably do to. I’m here to tell you that using the services of these SEO spammers is NEVER a good idea.

Who doesn’t want their websites to appear at the top of search results? Search engine optimization (SEO) has risen in fame as a requirement for website developers in order to get more visitors, better engagement of the target market, and increased sales. This high demand is probably the reason why a lot of people claim to be “SEO experts”. Don’t get fooled or sucked in by these solicitors.

Even Google warns people to be wary of these unsolicited emails regarding SEO.

And believe it or not, they get spammed, too:

Be wary of SEO firms and web consultants or agencies that send you email out of the blue.

Amazingly, we get these spam emails too:

I visited your website and noticed that you are not listed in most of the major search engines and directories…”

Read more from Google here.

If that wasn’t enough reason for you to stay clear from these solicitors and their services, here are three more reasons why you should not hire them:

Quality (Blackhat)

Expecting to rank high in search results by hiring this kind of SEO company is like a get-rich-quick scheme. It just doesn’t work that way. Google and other search engines prefer a more organic and natural SEO, and not something that got overhauled in a matter of hours!

This technique of using aggressive strategies to get high search engine ranking is called blackhat SEO, and is highly frowned upon not only by search bots but also by SEO specialists. If you are a newbie in the field of SEO, you need to know that search engines already know about this scam, and are even going to great lengths to penalize websites that engage in blackhat SEO. You don’t want that to happen to your site, do you?

Guaranteed Rankings

This phrase has become a marketing ploy for these scheming companies, and unfortunately many website owners fall into their ludicrous but tempting trap. Let’s be blunt about this: nothing can be guaranteed in the field of SEO! In the case of Google, for example, no one knows exactly how the search giant reads through websites and awards its stamp of approval. Therefore, these so-called guaranteed SEO tools are merely scams to feed off your company budget.

SEO solicitors have become so creative in their marketing strategies as well. Some catchphrases used in regular online marketing lingo are being applied to SEO, to no avail. Popular “promises” include rapid link exchanges, automated link submissions, and guaranteed appearance on first-page results (albeit on extremely specific and non-competitive search terms that they choose for you). Some are so misleading that they claim they work with Google! Google will never solicit you for their services. It’s a good thing that major email service companies are beginning to sent these kinds of SEO marketing email blasts straight to spam.

Not Local

Banking on offshore SEO services presents a boatload of problems, most notably cultural differences and communication / language barriers. Communication problems can cause misunderstanding and frustration between you and the service provider. For example, search keywords suggested by an offshore SEO company may sound weird in your language, rendering them useless in your aim for better search page placement.

In contrast, local SEO companies know how your website works in your locality. They understand your language (including the nuances) and the culture of your target community. Best of all, you have the option to meet with them face to face, and dispel any doubts or fears of them being scammers and all.

Although some of the offshore SEO companies are priced very cheap, don’t count on your website SEO to be stellar. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a good offshore provider that understands your needs and delivers up-to-date SEO techniques. However, if you really prefer to hire any of them, let this article be a stern warning!

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