Biggest SEO Scams to Avoid


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Search engine optimization (SEO) has become not only an essential process for website owners but also a lucrative business for marketers and SEO companies. Although a lot of developments in the field of SEO have resulted to better search results, this has also given rise to self-proclaimed SEO experts who are in it for the money rather than helping websites rank high in search.

Unknowing website owners may fall trap into the tempting offers of unethical SEO experts. You could be the next victim! Before you salivate over that attractive and affordable SEO service offer, here are some of the biggest SEO scams that you need to run away from:

Guaranteed Rankings

When you see the term “guaranteed #1 ranking” from an SEO company, avoid it like the plague! This claim is absolutely bogus, based on an article that Google released. The search giant was explicit in its statement, saying that “there is no priority submit for Google.” In other words, SEO companies – no matter how effective or outstanding they appear to be – cannot really guarantee your website’s placement in the top echelons of search engine ranking.

Works With Google (or knows someone in Google)

Just like Google’s statement about the absolute sham of priority submissions, the search engine company also doesn’t work with SEO companies to prioritize the latter’s clients in search ranking. This claim is one big fat lie, just so we’re clear.

Undisclosed SEO Strategies

It’s natural for you to have many questions about SEO, and the SEO company that you intend to hire must be able to answer many of them. One of the most common queries is what SEO strategies will the company use for your website. There’s really no magic 8-ball solution that guarantees high search engine placement, but your SEO company should discuss the strategies to you.

If the company cannot give you clear strategies or if you feel that they’re deliberately disclosing the information, this should raise the alarm and make you change your mind. These so-called SEO trade secrets could potentially be black hat SEO strategies that could hurt your chances of ranking high in search.

Lowest Priced SEO

Simply put, you get what you pay for. Look at it this way: Hiring a reputable SEO strategist is an investment for your website. If you choose the cheapest of the lot, you’ll probably end up with an equally cheap output that won’t impress you or the search engines. You can either hire a more established but more expensive SEO company or study SEO and do it yourself.

Offshore SEO providers

Although the Internet is not bound by geographical limitations, SEO strategies are most effective when locally done. Local SEO experts or companies know what your website’s target local market wants to see in your pages, and they can recommend practical SEO solutions that fit your locality quite nicely. Another huge plus point in hiring local SEO companies is that you can talk to them face to face, without fear that it’s just another fictitious company that simply wants to funnel your money into their pockets.

Remember that true-blue SEO doesn’t generate results in a snap. Search engines like it when your website rises gradually in rank using organic SEO techniques that don’t make use of manipulative tactics or shortcuts. Besides, you don’t think you can fool search bots, can you?

Here is a related video on one of the SEO things you shouldn’t do:

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